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Orange County Auto Theft Investigators Association

The next OCATI Meeting will be on Thursday, November 2, 2017 at the Garden Grove Courtyard Center...
OCATI Meeting 09/07/17

The Orange County Auto Theft Investigators (OCATI) Association meets on the first Thursday of each month, unless it is a holiday or some special circumstance, at 10:00 a.m.  It was announced at the September Meeting that there will be no meeting in October as it will be in conflict with this year's WSATI Training Seminar.

The meetings are for auto theft detectives, insurance company special investigators, vehicle leasing loss prevention agents, and other people involved in the investigation, recovery, and prevention of vehicle thefts.  Investigators from inside and outside Orange County attend the meetings to share information about current cases, suspects, and auto theft trends.

The November 2, 2017 OCATI meeting will be the usual round table discussion, including training. The Guest Speaker has yet to be confirmed. When the speaker is confirmed, it will be posted here. Please check back here for the posting. 

There is a $5.00 fee per meeting. ($10.00 for December

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The OCATI Roster is available to OCATI members as an Adobe .pdf download from the website to assist with your networking needs. The roster consists of OCATI meeting attendees. The roster is a password protected .pdf file, about 146 kb in size (last updated 09/19/17). The password was last given to the attendees at the 09/07/17 meeting. If you do not know the password or wish to have your information updated on the roster, please contact the Webmaster with your name, agency, telephone number, and email address. Click here to go to the roster.

Garden Grove Courtyard Center
12732 Main Street, Garden Grove, CA 92840
(714) 741-5704
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Position Name / click for email Agency Telephone
President Mike Stefanoff California Highway Patrol / OCATT (714) 231-8068
Vice President Randy McWilliams Orange County Sheriff's  
Secretary Betty Ashley Wells Fargo Dealer Services (Retired) (949) 923-1332
Past President Mick O'Neill Hagerty Insurance SIU (213) 400-1030

2017 Training Presentations at OCATI Meetings
The Guest Speaker at the September 2017 OCATI Meeting was J.J. Harrison Regional Loss Prevention Director, CARMAXJ.J. gave a presentation on the fraud prevention and security efforts utilized by CARMAX nationally and locally. 

The Guest Speaker at the August 2017 OCATI Meeting was David Richardson from All Lines Dealer Services.  David gave a presentation on Starguard Security Systems – Overview and Role in regards to vehicle theft prevention.  Another tool used by dealerships to help deter vehicle theft as well as provide inventory management.

The Guest Speaker at the July 2017 OCATI Meeting was Mark Donahue, Senior Security Investigator for Swift Transportation.  Mark discussed Swift Transportation's efforts to combat cargo theft problems and other security issues via use of "bait" equipment.  Mark went into detail about how the equipment works.  The use of this equipment assists both law enforcement and insurance carriers with the criminal prosecution of cargo theft suspects. 

The Guest Speaker at the June 2017 OCATI Meeting was Iconic Motor Car Inspection Consultant / Vehicle Inspector Henry Diaz.  Henry gave a presentation on Vehicle Inspections / Appraisals, and the services available and performed by Iconic Motor Car Inspection.

Guest Speaker OCDA Deputy District Attorney Jessica BinghamGuest Speaker OCDA Investigator Paul KellyThe Guest Speakers at the May 2017 OCATI meeting were from the Orange County District Attorney's Office Auto Insurance Fraud Unit, Deputy District Attorney Jessica Bingham and District Attorney Investigator Paul Kelly. They gave a presentation on "Auto Insurance Fraud."

The Guest Speaker at the April 2017 OCATI Meeting was Crime Prevention Program of Southern California for the Construction Industry Executive Director Melissa Somers.  Melissa discussed CPP of SoCal and what it does to assist not only the construction industry, but also their law enforcement and insurance partners.

Guest Speaker Kaitlyn AlaimoGuest Speaker Kaitlyn AlaimoThe Guest Speaker at the March 2017 OCATI Meeting was Irvine Police Department Civilian Investigator Kaitlyn Alaimo, of the SIU / Intel Division.  Kaitlyn gave a presentation on how social media can assist you in your investigations.  The PowerPoint presentation included several methods of searching for people, email addresses, and telephone numbers.  She included investiative strategies and important tips on not only how to find suspects you are seeking but also how to protect your own identity.

Guest Speaker Lou KovenGuest Speakers Terry Bealey and Mike MaletaFebruary 2017 OCATI  Guest Speaker NICB Special Agent Lou Koven, with the assistance of CHP FEAR Investigators Terry Bealey and Mike Maleta, of the  U.S. Customs and Border Protection Outbound Enforcement Team, gave a presentation on Export Activity at the LA/Long Beach Seaport.  The presentation included what the team is looking for as well as some case studies of what the team found being trying to be exported from the port. 

Guest Speaker Dan HessGuest Speaker Dan HessThe Guest Speaker at the January 2017 OCATI Meeting was Orange County District Attorney's Office / OCATT Deputy District Attorney Dan Hess.  Dan gave a presentation on "Vehicle Theft & Fraud, Investigation Tools, Sentencing in California, and New Laws for 2017."  Dan tried to give some insight into how we might be able to file cases that will put people in prison even with all the decriminalization laws that have taken place.

For prior OCATI Meeting Training Presentations, please click here

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