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On Wednesday January 9, 2002 law enforcement vehicle theft investigators and NICB agents were allowed to enter the Los Angeles Auto Show, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, from 0700 hours to 1100 hours for vehicle identification training.  At 1100 hours the show was opened to the public.  It was the twelth annual law enforcement training day, sponsored by Toyota and the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Refreshments were provided by Toyota and the NICB in the West Hall lobby between 0630 and 0730 hours. 

The training was provided to allow vehicle theft investigators an opportunity to inspect new vehicle identification numbers.  The theme "IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT A GOOD IDENTIFICATION NUMBER LOOKS LIKE, YOU WON'T RECOGNIZE A BAD ONE" reflects the purpose and scope of the training. 

Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall entrance 
 1201 So. Figueroa St.
 Los Angeles, CA 90015
 Recommended parking area: West hall, blue parking area.
 Thomas guide page 634-D5
 Internet directions: www.laautoshow.com

Some vehicle manufacturers representatives were available to provide assistance with the training by displaying their vehicles, providing verbal and/or printed information, and by answering questions.  The show also provided an opportunity for manufacturers representatives to interact with law enforcement officers and NICB agents to survey vehicle theft problems and trends.

Please give NICB Special Agent Dennis Lessiak feedback on the Auto Show Training.  He uses your comments when it comes time to set up the 2003 Auto Show Training.  Please contact Dennis Lessiak, NICB, at e-mail address or telephone number 661 296-3566 with your comments.

The man behind it all...NICB Special Agent Dennis Lessiak
WSATI Presentation by Bill Lovold to Toyota's Regan Boll and Norm Adams. Some of the many attendees at the Auto Show Training

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