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Presented by TOYOTA and NICB

On Tuesday, November 24, 2015, law enforcement vehicle theft investigators and NICB Special Agents were allowed to enter the Los Angeles Auto Show from 0830 hours to 1100 hours for vehicle identification training.  Between 0730-0830 hours, Training was provided by Dave Navarro of the Orange County Auto Theft TaskForce.  Dave gave a presentation on "Auto Fraud."  It was the twenty-sixth annual law enforcement training day, sponsored by Toyota and the National Insurance Crime Bureau. 

Refreshments were provided by Toyota and NICB in room 515 A&B on the second floor of the lobby between 0630 and 0830 hours. 

The training was provided to allow auto theft investigators an opportunity to inspect new vehicle identification numbers. 

"IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT A GOOD IDENTIFICATION NUMBER LOOKS LIKE, YOU WILL NOT RECOGNIZE A BAD ONE" This theory depicts the purpose and scope of the training day.

Some vehicle manufacturer’s representatives were available during this event to provide assistance with the training by displaying their vehicles, providing verbal and/or printed information, and by answering questions.  The show also provides an opportunity for manufacturer’s representatives to interact with law enforcement officers and NICB agents to review current vehicle theft problems, security issues and trends.

Please provide feedback regarding your experience at the training to Lou Koven.  It will be used in preparing the next Training taking place in 2016  If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact NICB Special Agent Lou Koven, at e-mail address lkoven@nicb.org / Telephone 213-300-7407.

As a courtesy, retired Special Agent Mark Winter previously provided a vehicle inspection form that could be used as a template for the vehicles that were inspected this year.

Also attached is a short page to help explain transponder/immobilizer key systems.  The manufacturer representatives at the last show said that there were many officers unaware of the scope of the technology involved.

Downloadable files:
Transponder / Immobilizers (31 kb large password encrypted Adobe .pdf file) 
Vehicle Inspection Sheet (24 kb large password encrypted Adobe .pdf file)

Both files are password encrypted.  The password was previously given out to law enforcement personnel.  If you need the password, please contact the Webmaster from your law enforcement agency email address

The man behind the training, NICB SA Lou Koven
Guest Speaker OCATT Investigator Dave Navarro
NICB SA Lou Koven
Investigator Dave Navarro
Attendees for the 2015 Law Enforcement Training Day at the L.A. Auto Show
What kind of vehice is it?

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