SEPTEMBER 29th - OCTOBER 1st, 2002

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I check in to the hotel?
Caesar's and the Timber Cove Lodge usually have their rooms ready to occupy by about 3:30 p.m.

If I am staying at The Timber Cove Lodge how can I get to Caesar's?
There is a free hotel shuttle that will be available for commuting between Caesar's and the Timber Cove Lodge.  Check with the hotel desk clerk for more information.

When can we register for the conference?
The registration booth at Caesar's will be open on Sunday,  Sept. 29th from 1pm until 8pm
It will reopen Monday at 7am and remain open until the conference starts.
The registration fee at the conference is $150.00

Will there be receipts available?
Yes, when you check in at the WSATI registration desk you will be given a form to verify your personal information, which will be published on the conference roster and a receipt.

Are any activities planned for Sunday?
The only activities planned for Sunday the 29th are seminar registration and the Golf Tournament.

What meals are provided by WSATI?
We will be hosting a Buffet dinner on Monday night.
The Banquet will be Tuesday night.  This dinner usually lasts until about 10pm, so it is recommended that you keep your room reservation for Tuesday night.

Can I bring my spouse or a guest to the dinners?
Yes, You can purchase extra dinner tickets at the registration desk.  The cost is $20.00 for Monday's buffet and $35.00 for the Tuesday's Banquet.

Will there be any activities on Wed. Oct. 2nd?
No.  However, as mentioned earlier, it is recommended that you keep your room reservations for Tuesday night.  The Banquet and raffle will not be completed until after 10pm.

When will the classes begin?
The class schedule is:
Monday   Sept. 30th  8:30 until 5:30. 
Tuesday  Oct. 1st.    8:00 until 5:00

Is the training seminar POST certified?
Yes the seminar is POST certified for both California and Nevada for training credit only.
The California POST control # is 1075-28000-02001
The Nevada POST control # is 02082601

When will the completion certificates be available?
We hope to have the completion certificates available at the WSATI registration desk Tuesday afternoon.

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