October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2006

After registration, most of Monday afternoon and evening saw participants renewing old acquaintances and meeting new contacts, in other words, networking and intelligence gathering. 

Tuesday afternoon, after classes ended, the IAATI Western Regional Chapter held its annual meeting.  2006 IAATI WRC President Dave Petrelli (Alliance United Insurance) conducted a chapter meeting and held elections.  IAATI National President Tommy Hansen (Galveston County Sheriffs) attended the meeting.  Gary Labb (Santa Ana PD/OCATT Retired) was elected as the 2007 IAATI WRC President, Skip Davidson (Davidson Investigations) 1st Vice President, Rick Greenwood (Riverside PD) 2nd Vice President, J.D. Hough (Arizona DPS) 3rd Vice President, and Jim Kautz (Westminster CO PD) 4th Vice President/Treasurer.  Gary then presented 2006 IAATI WRC President Dave Petrelli with a "thank you" gift.

Tommy Hansen, Gary Labb receiving the IAATI WRC Charter from Dave Petrelli 2007 IAATI WRC Officers: JD Hough,  Rick Greenwood, Gary Labb, Skip Davidson, Jim Kautz Gary Labb presenting Dave Petrelli his presidential thank you gift

On Tuesday night there was a hosted bar and buffet dinner served to give the participants an additional chance to network with one another. 

On Wednesday night there was the annual banquet and closing ceremonies. 

2006 WSATI Southern Chapter Secretary Rick Greenwood, spoke about the 2007 seminar that will be held in San Diego, California at the Town and Country Resort from September 10th to September 14, 2007.  NICB will be hosting the 3rd Annual Gary Gray Memorial Golf Tournament in conjunction with the WSATI seminar and will be held on September 10th, 2007. 

WSATI Northern Chapter President Cliff Gray called IAATI Western Regional Chapter President Dave Petrelli and Lee S. Cole & Associates CEO Lisa Hanks up to the podium to present the annual IAATI WRC Lee S. Cole Award.  Lisa spoke of her time with Lee and his vehicle theft background.  She then announced the 2006 Lee S. Cole Award winners to be CHP Inland Division Investigators Michael Harris and Kurt Nester.

Kurt Nester, WSATI Northern Chapter President Cliff Gray, Miike Harris, and Lisa Hanks Lee S. Cole & Associates CEO Lisa Hanks IAATI WRC President Dave Petrelli, Mike Harris, Kurt Nester, and Lisa Hanks

There were numerous door prizes handed out, with Mike Miller brightening the evening with his wit. 

A lot of the credit for the success of the seminar is due to the following: 

Northern Chapter Committee Members

Don Anderson, USAA Nancieanne Hopkins, Geico
Jennifer Barella, San Joaquin County DA Ken Hutchison, NICB
Tom Cantrell, San Joaquin County DA Tina Johnson, CSAA
Angel Carrazco, San Joaquin County DA Kevin Matthews, Liberty Mutual
Anthony Corroo, CSAA Mike Miller, LoJack
Don Farnham, NICB Ken Piva, NICB
John Furrow, Zurich NA Steve Temple, CHP
Cliff Gray, Hertz Rent-A-Car Greg Williams, CHP

Sponsors and Vendors of the 35th Annual WSATI Training Seminar

21st Century Insurance National Equipment Register
AAA/CSAA National Insurance Crime Bureau
Lee S. Cole & Associates, Inc NorthAmerican Technical Aid & Forensics Services
Drag Net Dianne D. Peeples, Attorney at Law
Feng & Lee, Attorneys at Law PIPS Technology
Goddington, Hicks & Danforth Powers & Miller, A Professional Corporation
Hirst Towing Probe Information Services
Knox Ricksen LLP, Attorneys at Law Robinson & Wood, Inc, Attorneys at Law
LoJack Sage Signature Properties
Manheim Auto Auctions State Farm Insurance
Mayall, Hurley, Knutsen, Smith & Green WSATI Central Chapter
McCormick Barstow LLP, Attorneys at Law WSATI Southern Chapter
David A. McDowell, A Profession Law Corporation WSATI Wear

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