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The 2008 Training Seminar was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Monterey, California.  The Seminar was hosted by the Central Chapter of WSATI.

The Seminar began with early registration taking place the afternoon of Sunday, September 28, 2008, and late registration taking place on Monday morning, September 29, 2008. 


The seminar opened on Monday morning with the California Highway Patrol Coastal Division Color Guard presenting the colors. 

2008 Central Chapter Treasurer Pat O'Donnell presided over the opening ceremonies and welcomed the close to 350 attendees.  Pat explained that 2008 Central Chapter President Tom Shepard was not able to attend the opening ceremonies as he had been called out of town to take a promotional examination. 

WSATI Central Chapter Treasurer Pat O'DonnellPat then introduced Reverend Parsons who gave the invocation. 

Pat introduced CHP Lieutenant Sam Dixon, Monterey Office, who welcomed the attendees to Monterey. 

Pat then introduced Monterey County Sheriffs Captain Chuck Monarch who welcomed the attendees.

Pat introduced CHP Lieutenant Chris Costigan, CHP Field Support Section, who spoke about a special meeting taking place during the Seminar where the CHP was seeking input/ideas on how to combat vehicle theft.

Pat then introduced Henry Brune, 2008-2009 IAATI 1st Vice President.  Henry apologized for 2008-2009 IAATI President Mikel Longman who could not attend as he was just returning from representing IAATI in Estonia.  Henry then presented a check on behalf of IAATI to the IAATI WRC represented by 2005 IAATI WRC Past President Pat O'Donnell.

Reverend Parsons giving the invocation. CHP Lieutenant Sam Dixon Monterey County Sheriffs Captain Chuck Monarch CHP Lieutenant Chris Costigan 2008-2009 IAATI 1st Vice President Henry Brune NICB Senior Special Agent Pete Briones CHP Coastal Division Chief Adam Cuevas

CHP Commissioner Joseph FarrowPat introduced NICB Senior Special Agent Pete Briones who gave an update on NICB and the Heavy Equipment Program.

Pat then introduced CHP Chief Adam Cuevas, CHP Coastal Division Commander

Pat then introduced the Keynote Speaker, CHP Commissioner Joseph Farrow.  Commissioner Farrow spoke about the vehicle theft problem in California and how he, himself, was a victim of vehicle theft in the past.  He said he was still trying to find his Camaro.

Part of Commissioner Farrow's Audience

Pat introduced NICB Area 3 Director Ralph Lumpkin, who made a special presentation of the IAATI/NICB Award of Excellence to the San Diego County Regional Auto Theft Task Force.  CHP Captain Lisa Wrobel, Task Force Commander, accepted the award on behalf of the Task Force.

Ralph Lumpkin presenting IAATI/NICB Award of Excellence to Lisa Wrobel representing San Diego RATT. IAATI/NICB Award of Excellence

Pat then introduced NICB Senior Special Agent Ken Hutchison who made a presentation of the Gary Gray Auto Theft Achievement Award.   Joining Ken were NICB Area 3 Directors Ralph Lumpkin and Bob Jones.  There were two awards given.  The first award was presented to Margaret Bevan, long time Deputy District Attorney who was assigned to SANCATT.  Ken then presented the second award to Scott Cooke, RCMP IMPACT. 

L-R: Bob Jones, Scott Cooke, Ralph Lumpkin, Margaret Bevan, Ken Hutchison

Pat O'Donnell then called WSATI Northwest President Frank Zangar to the podium to present the WSATI Award, the Gerald "Jerry" Boyer Memorial Award.  Frank explained the criteria for the award.  He said it is to go to a member of one of the IAATI Western Regional WSATI Chapters for outstanding service and unselfish dedication to the organization.  Frank then presented the award to California State Automobile Association Special Investigations Unit Manager Anthony "Tony" Corroo.  Tony was humbled to accept the award and recognized two prior award recipients, Pat O'Donnell and Gary Labb, who were in the audience. 

L-R: Tony Corroo receiving the Award from Frank Zangar The Gerald 'Jerry' Boyer Memorial Award

Pat then ended the opening ceremonies and invited all to take part in the training sessions. 

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President Tom Shepard CHP Madera 559 675-1025
Vice President Chris Sullivan CSAA 559 322-8848
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Secretary Mark Driscoll Department of Insurance 559 440-5907
Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Curtin CHP Merced 209 321-0089
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