Beginning on Sunday afternoon, registration took place.  After registration, most of Sunday afternoon and evening saw participants renewing old acquaintances and meeting new contacts, in other words, networking and intelligence gathering.

WSATI Southern Chapter President Rick Greenwood taking some time with WSATIWearEarly Monday morning was late registration prior to the opening ceremonies.  For the first time in many years Marianne Finney was not able to attend the Seminar due to the rebuilding of her home that was destroyed in the wildfires last year.  In her place, WSATI Southern Chapter Officers began selling mementos of the Seminar, including the new WSATIWear featuring the new WSATI Southern Chapter logo.  

2009 IAATI Training Seminar Committee Chairperson Jim Kautz (Westminster CO Police Department) and 2007 IAATI Western Regional Chapter President Gary Labb set up the IAATI Information kiosk and a table with information regarding the upcoming 57th Annual International Association of Auto Theft Investigators Training Seminar to be held in Denver, Colorado August 9th-14th, 2009.  The Seminar will be co-hosted by the Colorado Auto Theft Investigators (CATI) and the IAATI Western Regional Chapter (IAATI WRC).
Monday afternoon, after classes ended, the IAATI Western Regional Chapter held its annual general meeting.  2008 IAATI WRC President Skip Davidson (Davidson Investigations) conducted a chapter meeting and held elections.  2008-2009 IAATI 1st Vice President Henry Brune (Texas DPS Retired) attended the meeting.  Rick Greenwood (Riverside PD) was elected the 2009 President, J.D. Hough (Arizona DPS) 1st Vice President, Jim Kautz (Westminster CO PD) 2nd Vice President, Frank Graber (Fullerton PD/OCATT Retired) 3rd Vice President, and Bud Hood (Remington Elsag) 4th Vice President/Treasurer.  2008 IAATI WRC President Skip Davidson then transferred the IAATI WRC Charter to newly elected 2009 President Rick Greenwood.  Rick then presented 2008 IAATI WRC President Skip Davidson with a "thank you" gift. 

2008 IAATI WRC Board Members L-R: Frank Graber, Jim Kautz, J.D. Hough, Rick Greenwood, Skip Davidson
IAATI 1st VP Henry Brune presenting check to IAATI WRC President Skip Davidson 2009 IAATI WRC President Rick Greenwood presenting 2008 IAATI WRC President Skip Davidson with Thank You Gift 2008 IAATI WRC President Skip Davidson passing the WRC Charter to 2009 IAATI WRC President Rick Greenwood
L-R: Henry Brune with the 2009 IAATI WRC Board Rick Greenwood, J.D. Hough, Jim Kautz, Frank Graber (Bud Hood missing)

On Tuesday night there was the annual banquet and closing ceremonies.  

WSATI Central Chapter President Tom Shepard presiding over the banquetWSATI Central Chapter President Tom Shepard started the banquet by inviting all in attendance to help themselves to the buffet dinner.

Following the meal, Tom introduced the Central Chapter Officers and Training Seminar Committee Members.  Tom thanked all the attendees who came to the Training Seminar.  Tom thanked the sponsors and vendors who participated in the Seminar.  Tom gave a special thank you to WSATI Southern Chapter Past President Gary Labb  for helping promote the seminar on the Southern Chapter website www.wsati.org.  Gary is the webmaster of the WSATI.org website. 

2009 IAATI WRC 2nd VP Jim Kautz speaking about 2009 IAATI Training Seminar in DenverTom then requested Westminster (CO) Police Department Detective Jim Kautz to come to the podium.  Jim, who is the 2009 IAATI WRC 2nd Vice President, is the Chairperson for the 2009 IAATI Training Seminar which will be held in Denver, Colorado.  Jim spoke about the Seminar which will take place on August 9th - 14th, 2009.  Jim gave information regarding what the area offers and the many things that will be available to the attendees.

Tom then called IAATI Western Regional Chapter President Skip Davidson up to the podium to present the annual IAATI WRC Lee S. Cole Award.  Skip then invited Lisa Hanks who has continued to keep Lee S. Cole and Associates moving forward since Lee's death.  Lisa spoke about Lee and how the award continues to recognize outstanding officers.  Skip then read the 2008 recipient's nomination and then Skip announced the 2008 Lee S. Cole Award recipient to be Yuma (AZ) Police Department Detective Melissa Norred.

Lisa Hanks and IAATI WRC President Skip Davidson presenting Lee S. Cole Award to Detective Melissa Norred The Lee S. Cole Officer of the Year Award Detective Melissa Norred speaking about the Lee S. Cole Award
2008-2009 WSATI Northern Chapter President Tina Johnson speaking about the 2009 WSATI Training Seminar in Lake Tahoe2008-2009 WSATI Northern Chapter President Tina Johnson spoke about the 2009 Annual WSATI Training Seminar that will be held in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada at the Harrah's Lake Tahoe Hotel from October 6th-8th, 2009, with the golf tournament taking place on October 5th. 

There were numerous door prizes handed out, from LCD Televisions to WSATIWear shirts.  There sure were a lot of raffle tickets sold, and a lot of winners.  A lot of attendees went home very happy.

Just a few of the raffle prizes available for the attendees

A lot of the credit for the success of the Seminar is due to the following:  


Ralph Castro, CHP ISU Jerry Penney, CHP ISU
Tony Corroo, CSAA Gina Pochini, Geico Insurance SIU
Steve Davis, State Farm Insurance SIU Randy Royal, CHP/HEAT Auto Theft Task Force
Michael Grove, CHP ISU Dennis Zeuner, Fresno Police Department
Danny McGlothlin, Kern County Sheriffs  

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