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May 24th-28th, 2010


California POST Control # 2540-28000-09012 / POST Plan NA
California DOI CEC Course #s 241967 through 241980

Peace Officers received POST credit, Insurance Licensees received Department of Insurance
Continuing Education Credits, and all attendees received college credits for attending.
These were at "no cost" to the attendees

Featured Classes for 2010 WSATI Seminar
Please click here for the Seminar Class Schedule (05/14/10)

2805 Inspections
 DNA Evidence for Vehicle Theft
Advanced Vehicle Identification
Fraud Indicators in Auto Theft
All Terrain Vehicle Identification
Harley Davidson Identification
Auto Finance Fraud
Insurance Fraud/Owner Give Ups/Burns
Auto Theft in the 21st Century
Legal Updates and Search Warrants
Basic Vehicle Identification
License Plate Reader Program
Body Shop Fraud
Mexico Liaison Program
California DMV Documents
Mexican Stolen Vehicles in the US
Cargo Theft
Mexico Theft Recovery/Owner Give Ups
Cartels and Cross Border Intelligence
Mexico Vehicle Registration and Licenses
CBP Intelligence
 Owner Applied Numbers Program
Cellular Evidence
Photo and Video Surveillance
Chop Shop and VIN Switching Trends
Sport Bike Identification
Classic Car Theft Investigation (LE)
Sport Bike Theft Trends
Classic Car Theft Investigation (SIU)
Staged Accident Investigation
Commercial Vehicle Identification
Testimony Under Oath
Computer Forensics
Towing Regulations/Vehicle Lien Processes
Construction Equipment Theft/Identification
Vehicle Arson
Cross Border Crime Activity
Vessel Theft
VIN Restoration / Acid Processing

As in the past and for all conferences, the training was certified by POST Plan N/A for Continuing Professional Training Hours only.  No reimbursement for travel, per diem or tuition.  Each hour students spend in the classroom counts toward their CPT requirement, which is 24 hours of required POST training every 24 months. 

The Training Committee (Dennis Frias, Lou Koven, and Aristeed Powell) did a great job in arranging all the training that was provided, as well as submitting all the classes to POST for certification and credits, and to DOI for certification and credits.  A big thank you from all the attendees who comments "the best training I've received, " were heard over and over again.

The training began with Seminar Training Committee Co-Chairman Dennis Frias addressing the General Session and advising them of the upcoming training that was available over the next four days.  Dennis then turned the General Session training over to Sergeant David Contreras.  Following the lunch break, training took place in "break-out" sessions for the remaining four days.

Seminar Training Co-Chair Dennis Frias speaking about the available classes General Session Training with Sergeant David Contreras Chop Shop Training with OCSD/OCATT Investigator Dennis Carpio Mexico Vehicle Registration & Licenses with Investigator Daniel Gilbert Motorcycle Training with Sergeant Bob Kenney Auto Theft in the 21st Century with Mike Bender Accident Investigation & Automotive Fraud with Ken Zion
Construction Equipment Theft & Identification Auto Finance Fraud Panel


Vendors displays were on May 25th and 26th.  Over 300 professionals from law enforcement (Local, State & Federal), the insurance industry, rental car entities and law offices from across the Western U.S. and Canada attended.  A big thank you to Bud Hood and Rob Manning for obtaining the sponsorships needed to put on a a great Training Seminar.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization.  As part of the Seminar, we offered corporate sponsorships at various levels of sponsorship. 

The 39th Annual WSATI Training Seminar Committee gratefully acknowledges our sponsors, whose support contributed to the success of the seminar.  Some of the sponsors who committed to supporting the seminar are: 

Executive Sponsors
Automobile Club of Southern California
Federal Signal
Knapp & Spurlock, LLP
Manheim Auto Auctions
National Automobile Dealers Association Guides
PIPS Technology
PIPS Technology Video
Toyota Financial Services

Gold Sponsors
Automotive Collision Consultants
Kruger Tow
National Insurance Crime Bureau
Ravelco Anti-Theft Device
Van Lingen Towing
Vigilant Video

Silver Sponsors
Elsag North America
Fire Cause Analysis
IAATI Western Regional Chapter
Sur-Tec, Inc

Bronze Sponsors
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Kenny's Tow Service


The seminar roster is now available.  The .pdf file is password encrypted.  If you need it, the password can be obtained from the WebmasterClick here to download the roster.

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