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May 24th-28th, 2010


Beginning on Monday afternoon, WSATI Southern Chapter Secretary Tim Glover began selling, with the assistance of several people, the new WSATIWear featuring the new WSATI Southern Chapter logo. 

After registration, most of Monday afternoon and evening saw participants renewing old acquaintances and meeting new contacts, in other words, networking and intelligence gathering.  LoJack's Vic Johnston and his wife Sherry presided over the information gathering. 

On Tuesday, WSATI Southern Chapter Associate Director Brian Yori arranged with Carrol Shelby to have one of Carrol Shelby's two personal 1964 Cobras on display in the courtyard.  Carrol's personal mechanic Dave Evans delivered the Cobra and stayed with the Cobra in the courtyard.  Dave was very personable and many of the attendees enjoyed conversations with him.  Dave allowed numerous people to actually get into the Cobra.

Tim Jackson admiring the Cobra Brian Yori with Carrol Shelby's personal mechanic Dave Evans Dave Petrelli thinking about trading in his Viper
The Toyota/Lexus Financial group with an old Toyota - not... Bob Kenney admiring a Cobra instead of a Harley

Tuesday evening, after classes ended, a Mexican Buffet was provided to the attendees.  This was an opportunity to network with old friends and new friends.  After the buffet, LoJack's Vic Johnston and his wife Sherry presided once again over the information gathering.

Wednesday evening, after classes ended, over a hundred of the attendees jumped on the trolley and went to Petco Park to take in the San Diego Padres / St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.  This was enjoyed by all, but most had to leave before the end of the game that the Padres finally won in the bottom of the 13th.

On Thursday night there was the annual banquet, awards presentation, and closing ceremonies.  There were many Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance; Bill Robertson (1988), Ted Saraf (1992), Terry Cramer (1995), Dennis Frias (1997), Gary Labb (2000), Lou Koven (2002), Phil Macklin (2004), Rick Greenwood (2008), and Jim Williams (2009). 

WSATI Southern Chapter Vice President Dave Petrelli welcomed everyone to the banquet and was the master of ceremonies for the event.  Dave explained that the banquet would be broken up into three sections, the Awards Presentations, the buffet, and then the raffle.  Dave thanked those who had been involved in putting on the Training Seminar and continued to amaze all with his sense of humor.

Dave started the Awards Presentations by inviting NICB Senior Special Agent Ken Hutchison to the podium to make the presentation of the Gary Gray Auto Theft Achievement Award.   Ken requested that CHP Captain / San Diego RATT Co-ordinator Lisa Wrobel come up to the podium.  Lisa spoke of the case that was being honored and then called up Chula Vista Police Department Detectives Marty Bolger and Tony Molina.  They were honored for their "Operation Knee Drag" case. 

NICB Senior Special Agent Ken Hutchison CHP Captain / San Diego RATT Coordinator Lisa Wrobel Ken Hutchison presenting Award to Marty Bolger Ken Hutchison presenting Award to Tony Molina L-R: Tony Molina, Lisa Wrobel, Marty Bolger

Dave then introduced WSATI Northern Chapter President Don Farnham to make the presentation of the Northern Chapter Distinguished Service Award.  Don spoke about the award and then announced the recipient to be retired Santa Ana Police Department / OCATT Detective Gary Labb.  To say Gary was surprised would be an understatement as he was taking photos of the awards ceremonies when his name was announced. 

WSATI Northern Chapter President Don Farnham L-R: Distinguished Service Award Recipient Gary Labb, Dave Petrelli, Don Farnham WSATI Northwest President Doug Young

Dave Petrelli then called WSATI Northwest President Doug Young to the podium to present the WSATI Northwest Award, the Gerald "Jerry" Boyer Memorial Award.  Doug explained the criteria for the award.  He said it is to go to a member of one of the IAATI Western Regional WSATI Chapters for outstanding service and unselfish dedication to the organization.  Doug stated that the recipient unfortunately could not attend the seminar.  He said that the recipient was LoJack Law Enforcement Liaison Frank Zangar.  He said that Frank has been the force behind the presentation of the Gerald "Jerry" Boyer Memorial Award since its inception, having been a good friend of Jerry.  He requested those attending the banquet to not reveal the results to Frank as he was unaware.  The Awards committee had "faked" Frank into believing someone else was going to receive the award.  Doug said that Frank would receive the award on June 10th in Washington.  

Dave then introduced 2009 WSATI Southern Chapter Past President Jim Williams to present the Southern Chapter's Billy Osborn Memorial Award.  Jim gave a background of the award and then invited Keith Levin, AAA Southern California SIU Team Manager, and Dan Brogdon, AAA Southern California SIU Manager to the podium.  Jim then announced that the 2009 Billy Osborn Memorial Award was being presented to AAA Southern California SIU members Martha Jones and Geraldine 'Geri' Ward, who were both surprised as their names were called.  Both Keith and Dan spoke about all that Martha and Geri do for not only WSATI, but also for the AAA Southern California SIU.  For those of you who have been involved in the past three Seminars hosted by the Southern Chapter and all the Orange County and San Diego County ATAC Awards Presentations since 2004, you know why they are so deserving of this award.

L-R: Dan Brogdon, Dave Petrelli, Keith Levin, Billy Osborn Award Recipients Martha Jones and Geri Ward, Jim Williams AAA Southern California SIU Team Manager Keith Levin AAA Southern California SIU Manager Dan Brogdon

Dave then invited LoJack Law Enforcement Liaisons Ted Saraf and Tim Whisenhunt to the podium for the presentation of the LoJack Award.  Tim then announced the recipients of the Award to be the L.A. TRAP West Team.

LoJack Law Enforcement Liaison Ted Saraf LoJack Award recipients L.A. TRAP West Team LoJack Law Enforcement Liaison Tim Whisenhunt

WSATI Central Chapter President Chris Sullivan2010-2011 WSATI Central Chapter President Chris Sullivan spoke about the 2011 Annual WSATI Training Seminar that will be held in Fresno, California at the Radisson, September 25-28, 2011, hosted by the Central Chapter. 

Dave Petrelli then announced that dinner was served. The attendees found plenty of great food at the two buffet tables and the numerous dessert tables. Many were seen going for the dessert while waiting in line for the buffet...

WSATI Southern Chapter Sergeant-at-Arms Tim JacksonFollowing the meal, the raffle was presided over by WSATI Southern Chapter Sergeant-at-Arms Tim Jackson.  Tim was responsible for obtaining, one way or another, most of the door prizes that had been displayed all week.  As many of the attendees commented, "a lot of great prizes."  Great job Tim.  There were numerous door prizes handed out, with Tim brightening the evening with his wit.  Tim was assisted by Tim Glover, Rob Manning, Dave Petrelli, Jeff Reeves, and Brian Yori.  There were lots of great door prizes including two iPads, notebood computer, two big screen LCD TVs, a fishing trip, a LoJack tracker, Disneyland tickets, gift cards, and many more door prizes, too many to mention.  It appears that those that bought the most raffle tickets did the best.

Some of the great door prizes offered during the raffle

Following the banquet, LoJack's Vic Johnston and his wife Sherry presided over the information gathering. 

A lot of the credit for the success of the Seminar is due to the following: 


Jared Ackley, Knapp Law Firm Martha Jones, Auto Club of Southern Calif SIU
Dave Ball, Hawthorne Police (Retired) Lou Koven, LAPD BAD-CATS (Retired)
Tom Conces, Independent Adjuster Richard Knapp, Knapp Law Firm 
Terry Cramer, Orange County Sheriff (Retired) Gary Labb, Santa Ana Police/OCATT (Retired)
Dave Dempsey, Auto Club of Southern Calif SIU Phil Macklin, Allstate Insurance SIU (Retired)
Mike Elenitsky, LoJack  Jeff Reeves, San Bernardino Police/SANCATT
Dennis Frias, CHP/FEAR (Retired) Cherryl Valdez, Nationwide Insurance
Rick Greenwood, Riverside Police Geri Ward, Auto Club of Southern Calif SIU
Bud Hood, Orange County Sheriff/OCATT (Retired) Chris Wiggins, Huntington Park Police
Vic Johnston, LoJack Jim Williams, Long Beach Police

Seminar Committee Members Chris Wiggins and Mike Elenitsky

Also assisting at the Seminar was Terry Cramer, Terry Cramer's wife, Sherry Johnston, Vic Johnston's wife, and LASD Deputies Stephanie Hile and Delia Loera.

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