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May 20th-24th, 2013
Hosted by the WSATI Southern Chapter at the

500 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, California 92108

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The 2013 Training Seminar was held at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego, California.  The seminar was hosted by the WSATI Southern Chapter.

The Seminar began with early registration taking place the afternoon of Monday, May 20, 2013, and late registration taking place early on Tuesday morning, May 21, 2013.  A big thank you to WSATI Southern Chapter Secretary Aristeed Powell and Treasurer Brian Yori for the great job they did processing the pre-registrations prior to the Seminar and for processing the "walk-in" registrants at the Seminar.  Brian and Aristeed handled all the bookkeeping for the Seminar as well in the confines of the Seminar office, out of sight of most of the attendees.  WSATI Southern Chapter Vice President Tim Jackson picked up all the "taking care of business" stuff due to the absence of WSATI Southern Chapter President Rob Manning

Most of the attendees had the opportunity to see Mike Elenitsky, Judy Greenwood, Martha Jones-Joseph, Gary Labb, and Geraldine Ward at the registration table.  If you purchased raffle tickets or WSATIwear, the attendees had the chance to see Bud Hood, Jim Williams, and later, Martha and Geraldine.  And that voice "hawking" the baseball tickets was Rick Greenwood's.  It takes a lot of people to put on a seminar the size of this one.

California Highway Patrol Border Division Honor Guard presenting the colorsOPENING CEREMONIES

The seminar opened on Tuesday morning with the California Highway Patrol Border Division Honor Guard presenting the colors while the National Anthem of both the United States and Canada was played.

2013 Southern Chapter Vice President Tim Jackson (AAA Southern California) presided over the opening ceremonies and welcomed the close to 210 attendees.  Tim said that WSATI Southern Chapter President Rob Manning had a prior commitment and was not able to attend opening ceremonies.

Tim then introduced San Diego County Sheriff's Department Chaplain Herb Smith who gave the invocation. 

Tim then introduced the Keynote Speaker, California Highway Patrol Border Division Chief Jim Abele

Following Chief Abele's address, Tim made introductions of the 2013 WSATI Southern Chapter Officers who were in attendance:

Secretary Aristeed Powell, DMV Investigations
Treasurer Brian Yori, LAPD / TRAP
Associate Director Heather Roberts, Liberty Mutual Insurance SIU
Associate Director Mick O'Neill, Hagerty Insurance SIU
Legal Counsel, Richard Knapp, Knapp and Spurlock, LLP

Tim then introduced 2013 WSATI Central Chapter President Mark Driscoll and 2013 WSATI  Northern Chapter President Jay Bobrowsky, who were seated in the audience.

Tim introduced 2012-2013 IAATI Western Regional Chapter President Bud Hood.

Tim then brought up three of the seminar vendors who wished to address the attendees:

Dennis Frias, representing PlateNet
Arlene Herrero, representing the Los Angeles City Employee's Club
Dr. Arif Mamedov, representing Regula Forensics

2013 WSATI Southern Chapter Vice President Tim Jackson San Diego SD Chaplain Herb Smith Keynote Speaker, CHP Border Division Chief Jim Abele 2012-2013 IAATI WRC President Bud Hood
Vendor PlateNet representative Dennis Frias Vendor Los Angeles City Employee's Club representative Arlene Herrero Vendor Regula Forensics representative Dr. Arif Mamedov
Tim then went over information regarding the seminar training schedule and locations, baseball tickets, raffle tickets, and scheduled seminar events.

Tim ended the opening ceremonies and invited all to take part in the training sessions that would immediately follow. 

Chief Abele addressing the attendees
California Highway Patrol Border Division Honor Guard presenting the colors as Chief Abele watches
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President Rob Manning LASD  (562) 900-5903
Vice President Tim Jackson Auto Club of Southern California (626) 476-0228
Secretary Aristeed Powell DMV Investigations (562) 403-1021
Treasurer Brian Yori LAPD TRAP (562) 345-4269
Sergeant-At-Arms Shawn Robison Wawanesa Insurance SIU  
Associate Director Heather Roberts Liberty Mutual SIU (818) 584-5049
Associate Director Mick O'Neill Hagerty Insurance SIU (213) 400-1030
Past President Tim Glover LASD TRAP (626) 660-4420
Legal Counsel Richard O. Knapp Knapp Law Firm, LLP (714) 434-9600

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