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May 20th-24th, 2013


Beginning on Monday afternoon, WSATI Southern Chapter 2007 Past President Bud Hood began selling, with the assistance of several people, the new WSATIWear featuring the new WSATI Southern Chapter logo.

WSATI Southern Chapter 2008 Past President Rick Greenwood began selling baseball game tickets for Wednesday night's San Diego Padres vs. St. Louis Cardinals game.

After registration, most of Monday evening saw participants renewing old acquaintances and meeting new contacts, in other words, networking and intelligence gathering.  Mike Elenitsky and Heather Roberts presided over the information gathering.

Tuesday evening, after classes ended, a Mexican Buffet was provided to the attendees.  This was an opportunity to network with old friends and new friends.  After the Mexican Buffet, Ira Beaty and Heather Roberts presided once again over the information gathering.  After the networking event was closed down, we thought we saw a kitty cat on the patio... we were mistaken about our little visitor.
A post-networking event visitor appeared on Tuesday night
Wednesday evening, after classes ended, over a hundred of the attendees jumped on the trolley and went to Petco Park to take in the San Diego Padres / St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.  This was enjoyed by all, especially since we sat in the "all you can eat" section of the park.
During the breaks between classes, Geri and Martha continued selling the raffle tickets to those attending the seminar.
L-R: Geraldine Ward and Martha Jones-Joseph selling raffle tickets

2013 WSATI Southern Chapter President Rob ManningOn Thursday night there was the annual banquet, awards presentation, and raffle.  WSATI 2013 Southern Chapter President Rob Manning welcomed everyone to the banquet and was the master of ceremonies for the event.  Rob apologized for missing the first three days of the seminar due to personal matters.  Rob thanked WSATI 2013 Southern Chapter Vice President Tim Jackson for filling in for him while he was unavailable.  Rob explained that the banquet would be broken up into three sections, the buffet, the Awards Presentations, and then the raffle.  Rob thanked those who had been involved in putting on the Training Seminar.

Rob introduced the Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance; Ted Saraf (1992), Dennis Frias (1997), Gary Labb (2000), Bill Lovold (2001), Lou Koven (2002), Jim Williams (2009), and John Bartolone (2010). 

Rob Manning then announced that dinner was served. The attendees found plenty of great food at the two buffet tables and the numerous dessert tables. Many were seen going for the dessert while waiting in line for the buffet...

Following dinner, Rob announced there were two future seminars coming up and introduced two seminar representatives who spoke about the seminars:

Arizona Auto Theft Authority Lieutenant J.D. Hough spoke about the upcoming AATIA / AATA Training Seminar taking place on September 9-12, 2013 in Laughlin, NV.

AATA Lieutenant J.D. Hough speaking about 2013 AATIA Seminar WSATI Central Chapter President Mark Driscoll speaking about 2014 WSATI Training Seminar
2013-2014 WSATI Central Chapter President Mark Driscoll spoke about the 2014 Annual WSATI Training Seminar that will be hosted by the Central Chapter.  Mark said that the chapter officers were still trying to determine the exact location and dates for the Seminar.  He said that he hoped that many who were attending the 2013 Training Seminar would also attend the 2014 Training Seminar.

Rob started the Awards Presentations by inviting WSATI 2013 Northern Chapter President Jay Bobrowsky and NICB Senior Special Agent Ken Hutchison to the podium to make the presentation of the Gary Gray Auto Theft Achievement Award.   Ken read the award nomination and then announced the recipient to be California Highway Patrol (CHP) Investigator Robert Padilla, Investigator with Santa Cruz Auto Theft Reduction and Enforcement (SCARE).  Robert was unable to attend the ceremony due to K-9 training. Co-worker CHP Sergeant Chandler Stewart accepted the award from NICB Supervisory Special Agent Ken Hutchison.

L-R: WSATI Northern Chapter President Jay Bobrowsky, Sergeant Chandler Steward, NICB Agent Ken Hutchison
Rob then introduced 1997 WSATI Southern Chapter Past President Dennis Frias to present a special award for a recent retiree.  Dennis spoke about the dedication that had been shown by the former CHP FEAR Investigator who also gave so much time to training officers that his nickname was "the Professor."  Dennis then introduced retired CHP FEAR Investigator Harold Taylor.  The special recognition was presented to Harold by 2013 WSATI Southern Chapter President Rob Manning and Harold's former supervisor, Dennis Frias.
L-R: WSATI Southern Chapter President Rob Manning, Special Recognition Award recipient Harold Taylor
Rob then introduced 2009 WSATI Southern Chapter Past President Jim Williams to present the Southern Chapter's Billy Osborn Memorial Award.  Jim, accompanied by 2009 Billy Osborn Memorial Award recipients Martha Jones-Joseph and Geraldine Ward, gave a background of the award and then announced the Southern Chapter's 2012 Billy Osborn Memorial Award recipient to be Michael Bender, currently ICW Group Insurance Companies SIU Director.  Michael came up to the podium with a big smile on his face and accepted the award.  Michael was asked to speak and said "Thanks,"  Michael has been involved with WSATI for many years, instructing at almost all Southern Chapter Training Seminars and many meetings, even when he was living out of the area.
L-R: 2009 Billy Osborn Award Recipients Martha Jones-Joseph and Geri Ward, Jim Williams L-R: 2012 Billy Osborn Memorial Award recipient Michael Bender and 2013 WSATI Southern Chapter President Rob Manning

WSATI Southern Chapter President Rob ManningFollowing the awards, the raffle was presided over by WSATI Southern Chapter President Rob Manning and WSATI Southern Chapter Vice President Tim Jackson.  Both were responsible for obtaining, one way or another, most of the door prizes that had been displayed all week.  As many of the attendees commented, "a lot of great prizes."  Great job Rob and Tim. 

The raffle began with two special raffles. 

Dennis Frias, representing vendor PlateNet, pulled the business card for a Lenovo tablet. 

L-R: LoJack Law Enforcement Liaisons Ted Saraf and Efrain Quezada
LoJack Law Enforcement Liaisons Ted Saraf and Efrain Quezada then came up and drew the winning raffle ticket for a LoJack tracking system.

There were numerous door prizes handed out.  Rob and Tim were assisted by runners Mick O'Neill, Aristeed Powell, Vic Valdez, and Brian Yori.  There were lots of great door prizes including a Surface, an iPad, two big screen LCD TVs, a balloon trip, gift cards, and many more door prizes, too many to mention.  It appears that those that bought the most raffle tickets did the best, except for a few who came up empty handed.

Some of the great door prizes offered during the raffle
Some of the great door prizes offered during the raffle
Following the banquet, Ira Beaty and Heather Roberts presided over the information gathering. 

A lot of the credit for the success of the Seminar is due to the 2013 WSATI Chapter Officers and the following: 


John Bartolone, DMV Investigations Richard Knapp, Knapp and Spurlock, LLP
Ira Beaty, LoJack Lou Koven, NICB
Mike Elenitsky, LoJack (Retired) Gary Labb, Santa Ana Police/OCATT (Retired)
Dennis Frias, PlateNet / VINMonitor / OCRA Ted Saraf, LoJack
Rick Greenwood, Riverside Police (Retired) Geraldine Ward, AAA of Southern Calif SIU
Bud Hood, OCSD / OCATT (Retired) Jim Williams, Long Beach Police (Retired)
Martha Jones-Joseph, AAA of Southern Calif SIU  

Also assisting was Rick Greenwood's wife, Judy Greenwood

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