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October 16th-20th, 2016
Hosted by the WSATI Southern Chapter 
and the IAATI Western Regional Chapter
at the

8757 Rio San Diego Drive
San Diego, California 92108

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The 2016 WSATI Training Seminar was held at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley Hotel in San Diego, California.  The seminar was hosted by the WSATI Southern Chapter and the IAATI Western Regional Chapter.

The Seminar began with early registration taking place the afternoon of Sunday, October 16, 2016, and late registration taking place early on Monday morning, October 17, 2016.  A big thank you to WSATI Southern Chapter Treasurer Mick O'Neill, Associate Director Alan Skobin, Legal Counsel Richard Knapp, and his Office Manager Cathy Longman, for the great job they did processing the pre-registrations prior to the Seminar.  Mick and Associate Director Keith Jackson also processed the "walk-in" registrants at the Seminar.  Mick and Keith handled all the bookkeeping for the Seminar as well in the confines of the Seminar office, out of sight of most of the attendees.  Past Presidents Dennis Frias and Gary Labb were busy adding information to the mobile application supplied by IAATI for use at the seminar by the attendees.  Secretary Jeff Enfield, Sergeant-At-Arms Mike Stefanoff, and several TRAP members, were busy preparing the great goodie bags containing welcoming gifts that were given to the attendees as they checked in.  And what about those bags and gifts... you can thank Associate Director Alan Skobin for getting sponsorships to cover the costs for those and all the great daily gifts everyone received.  Associate Directors Robbie Midzuno and Johnny Miyasaki were busy preparing the hospitality room and setting things up for the Monday night event.

Most of the attendees had the opportunity to see Maria Ferreira, Geraldine Gary, Martha Jones-Joseph, and Associate Director Melissa Somers at the registration table.  If you purchased raffle tickets or WSATIWear, you had the chance to see Vice President Heather Roberts.  President Brian Yori liaisoned with the hotel staff to make sure everything happened as planned.  It takes a lot of people to put on a seminar the size of this one.


California Highway Patrol Border Division Honor GuardThe seminar opened on Monday morning with the California Highway Patrol Border Division Honor Guard presenting the colors while the National Anthem was played.

2016 Southern Chapter President Brian Yori (LAPD / TRAP) presided over the opening ceremonies and welcomed the close to 325 attendees. 

Brian then introduced LAPD / TRAP Detective Cesar Ramirez who gave the invocation. 

Brian introduced 2015-2016 IAATI Western Regional Chapter President Dennis Frias.  Dennis explained to the attendees that IAATI WRC was co-hosting the seminar and as a result everyone who registered would be receiving free membership (2017) in the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators.

Brian then introduced the Keynote Speaker, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell.

Following Sheriff McDonnell's address, Brian made introductions of the 2016 WSATI Southern Chapter Officers who were in attendance:

Vice President Heather Roberts, Liberty Mutual Insurance SIU
Secretary Jeff Enfield, LASD / TRAP
Treasurer Mick O'Neill, Hagerty Insurance SIU
Sergeant-At-Arms Mike Stefenoff, CHP / OCATT
Associate Director Keith Jackson, KBJ Investigations
Associate Director Robbie Midzuno, Nationwide Insurance SIU
Associate Director Johnny Miyasaki, Long Beach Police
Associate Director Alan Skobin, LASD / TRAP
Associate Director Melissa Somers, Crime Prevention Program of SoCal

2016 WSATI Southern Chapter President Brian Yori LAPD / TRAP Detective Cesar Ramirez 2015-2016 IAATI WRC President Dennis Frias Keynote Speaker, LASD Sheriff Jim McDonnell General Session Instructor Superior Court Judge Tomson Ong General Session Instructor Cyber Crimes Expert John Villareal
Brian Yori
Cesar Ramirez
Dennis Frias
Jim McDonnell
Tomson Ong
John Villareal

Brian also advised the attendees that the Officers and Seminar Committee Members would be wearing distinguishing shirts each day to make it easy for the attendees to find someone if help or assistance was needed.  These will, moving forward, always be referred to as the "Seminar Bowling Team" shirts.

Sheriff McDonnell with part of the "Bowling Team," Jeff Enfield and Mick O'Neill

Brian then went over information regarding the seminar training schedule and locations, raffle tickets, and scheduled seminar events.

Brian ended the opening ceremonies and invited all to take part in the training sessions that would immediately follow, beginning with General Session presentations by L.A. County Superior Court Judge Tomson Ong and Cyber Crimes Expert John Villareal

L.A. County Sheriff McDonnell addressing the attendees
California Highway Patrol Border Division Honor Guard presenting the colors to the attendees
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Chapter Title  Name/Click for E-Mail Current Agency Telephone
President: Brian Yori LAPD / TRAP (562) 345-4269
Vice President: Heather Roberts Liberty Mutual Insurance SIU (818) 584-5049
Secretary: Jeff Enfield LASD / TRAP (626) 572-5623
Treasurer: Mick O'Neill Hagerty Insurance SIU (213) 400-1030
Sergeant-at-Arms Mike Stefanoff CHP / OCATT (714) 231-8068
Associate Director: Keith Jackson KBJ Investigations, LLC (714) 269-0066
Associate Director: Robbie Midzuno Nationwide Insurance SIU (415) 290-6114
Associate Director: Johnny Miyasaki Long Beach Police (562) 570-5035
Associate Director: Alan Skobin LASD / TRAP (818) 778-2970
Associate Director: Melissa Somers Crime Prevention Program of SoCal (562) 860-9006
2015 Past President: Aristeed Powell DMV Investigations - San Diego (310) 912-1865
Legal Counsel: Richard O. Knapp Knapp & Spurlock, LLP (714) 434-9600

A lot of the credit for the success of the Seminar is due to the 2016 WSATI Chapter Officers and the following: 


Maria Ferreira, LASD / TRAP Lou Koven, NICB
Dennis Frias, Locator Technologies / OCRA Gary Labb, Santa Ana Police/OCATT (Retired)
Geraldine Gary, AAA of Southern Calif SIU Cathy Longman, Knapp and Spurlock, LLP
Martha Jones-Joseph, AAA of Southern Calif SIU  

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