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October 16th - 20th, 2016


Beginning on Sunday afternoon, WSATI Southern Chapter 2016 Vice President Heather Roberts began selling, with the assistance of several people, the new WSATIWear.

After registration, most of Sunday evening saw participants renewing old acquaintances and meeting new contacts, in other words, networking and intelligence gathering.  Robbie Midzuno and Heather Roberts presided over the information gathering sponsored by the IAATI WRC.

Throughout the breaks between classes, Heather continued selling the raffle tickets to those attending the seminar.  She also handed out the daily gifts given to each attendee.

Monday Night Football / Mexican Fiesta Networking Event Monday Night Football / Mexican Fiesta Networking Event

Monday evening, after classes ended, a Mexican Buffet was provided to the attendees, along with a big, big screen to watch Monday Night Football.  This was an opportunity to network with old friends and new friends.  There was also a little car show taking place in the parking lot outside the Cabrillo Room

Tuesday afternoon, the IAATI Western Regional Chapter held their Annual General Meeting and Elections.  The meeting and elections were presided over by 2015-2016 President Dennis Frias (CA). IAATI 2016-2017 1st Vice President J.D. Hough also attended.  The following were the results of the election process:

2016-2017 President John Bartolone (CA), California Department of Motor Vehicles Investigations
2016-2017 1st Vice President Mick O'Neill (CA), Hagerty Insurance SIU
2016-2017 2nd Vice President Wendell Takata (HI), State of Hawaii Department of Attorney General 
2016-2017 3rd Vice President Carmen Swanson (AZ), Sunwest Federal Credit Union
2015-2016 Past President Dennis Frias (CA), Locator Technologies / OCRA

2nd VP Takata, President Bartolone, 1st VP O'Neill, 3rd VP Swanson, Past President Frias

The following Board appointments were made:

2016-2017 Treasurer Rick Greenwood (CA), Riverside Police Department (Retired)
2016-2017 Associate Director Kristopher Krusey (WA), Federal Way Police Department
2016-2017 Associate Director Melissa Somers (CA), Crime Prevention Program of Southern California
2016-2017 Associate Director Todd Wolf (CA), California Highway Patrol Southern ISU
2016-2017 Legal Counsel Richard Knapp (CA), Knapp & Spurlock, LLP

Some of the WRC IAATI General Meeting participants

Tuesday evening, after classes ended, attendees were on their own, with nothing formal planned.  Robbie and Heather again presided over an information gathering event.

2016 WSATI Southern Chapter President Brian YoriOn Wednesday night there was the annual banquet, awards presentation, and raffle.  WSATI 2016 Southern Chapter President Brian Yori welcomed everyone to the banquet and was the master of ceremonies for the event.  Brian explained that the banquet would be broken up into three sections, the buffet, the Awards Presentations, and then the raffle.  Brian thanked those who had been involved in putting on the Training Seminar.  Brian then asked Cesar Ramirez to give a benediction.

Rob introduced the Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance; Ted Saraf (1992), Dennis Frias (1997), Gary Labb (2000), Bill Lovold (2001), Lou Koven (2002), John Bartolone (2010), and Tim Jackson (2014). 

Brian Yori then announced that dinner was served. The attendees found plenty of great food at the two buffet tables and the numerous dessert tables. Many were seen going for the dessert while waiting in line for the buffet...

Brian started the Awards Presentations by inviting WSATI 2016 Northern Chapter Director Paul Kennedy (NICB) and NICB Supervising Special Agent Tom Downey to the podium to make the presentation of the Gary Gray Auto Theft Achievement Award.   Tom announced that there would be three separate recipients of the award:

Tom called up to the stage CHP Sergeant David Yokley and NICB Special Agent Kurt Nester and presented them with their Gary Gray Auto Theft Achievement Awards

Paul Kennedy
Kurt Nester, David Yokley
Tom Downey

Tom then called CHP / Stanislaus County Auto Theft TaskForce Commander Lieutenant Larry Chambers up to the stage.  Larry then spoke about the two recipients from his task force, Investigators Derreck Brackett and John French.  They were then called to the stage where they received their Gary Gray Auto Theft Achievement Awards.

Larry Chambers
John French, Derreck Brackett

Tom then called LASD / TaskForce for Regional AutoTheft Prevention (TRAP) Commander Captain Val Rosario up to the stage.  Val then asked the TRAP members in attendance to join him on the stage.  Tom then presented the TRAP team with their Gary Gray Auto Theft Achievement Award

L.A. County TRAP Commander
Val Rosario
L.A. County TRAP Team Members in attendance

Following the awards, the raffle was presided over by WSATI Southern Chapter Treasurer Mick O'Neill.   Assisting were WSATI Southern Chapter Secretary Jeff Enfield, WSATI Southern Chapter Sergeant-At-Arms Mike Stefanoff, AAA's Martha Jone-Joseph and Geri Gary, and TRAP's Maria Ferreira.  As many of the attendees commented, "a lot of great prizes."  So much so that there were lines of people buying raffle tickets throughout dinner until the drawing began. 

There were numerous door prizes handed out.  There were lots of great door prizes including three big screen TVs, a Lake Tahoe stay, gift cards, and many more door prizes, too many to mention.  It appears that those that bought the most raffle tickets did the best, except for a few who came up empty handed.

The "lineup" for Raffle Tickets
Some of the great door prizes offered during the raffle
Some of the door prizes available

Following the banquet, Robbie and Heather again presided over the information gathering network event. 

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