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Chapter Title  Name/Click for E-Mail Current Agency Telephone
President: Mick O'Neill Hagerty SIU (213) 400-1030
Vice President: Johnny Miyasaki Long Beach Police (Retired) (562) 884-6402
Secretary: Melissa Somers Crime Prevention Program of SoCal (562) 860-9006
Treasurer: Joe Starbird Long Beach Police (562) 570-7364
Sergeant-At-Arms: Jesse Bravo Irwindale PD / TRAP (626) 423-2469
Associate Director: Luis Alvarez Viper Group Inc (949) 241-7243
Associate Director: Melissa Castaneda Automotive Collision Consultants (424) 203-9326
Associate Director: Jess Corral National Insurance Crime Bureau (626) 361-1574
Associate Director: Bruce Hosea LAPD / TRAP (626) 873-2361
Associate Director: Rob Midzuno Nationwide Insurance SIU (415) 290-6114
Associate Director: Mike Octave LASD / TRAP (626) 873-2360
Associate Director: Alan Skobin LASD / TRAP (818) 778-2970
Associate Director: Richard Spallinger National Insurance Crime Bureau (520) 940-8831
2018 Past President: Jeff Enfield LASD / TRAP
(626) 572-5623
Legal Counsel: Richard O. Knapp Knapp & Spurlock, LLP (714) 434-9600
President Mick O'Neill Vice President Johnny Miyasaki Secretary Melissa Somers Treasurer Joe Starbird Sergeant-At-Arms Jesse Bravo Associate Director Luis AlvarezAssociate Director Melissa Castaneda Associate Director Jess Corral
M. O'Neill J. Miyasaki M. Somers J. Starbird J. Bravo L. AlvarezM. Castaneda J. Corral
Associate Director Bruce Hosea Associate Director Rob Midzuno Associate Director Mike Octave Associate Director Alan Skobin Associate Director Rich Spallinger 2018 Past President Jeff Enfield Legal Counsel Richard O. Knapp
B. Hosea R. Midzuno M. Octave A. Skobin R. Spallinger J. Enfield R. Knapp
If you have questions about the organization, meetings, or the training seminar, please feel free to contact any of the Officers or Directors.

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