January 18, 2001 - Holiday Inn - Laguna Hills

Outgoing President Gary Labb started the meeting by welcoming everyone to the Holiday Inn.

Gary then had recently retired Buena Park PD / OCATT Detective Dave Woofter lead all the members in the pledge of allegiance. 

Gary then introduced Marianne Finney to make the presentation of the Southern Chapter's Billy Osborn Award.  Marianne explained the significance of the award to the audience.  Marianne then introduced the 2001 Billy Osborn Award winner Sergeant Fritz Grimsley, CHP / OCATT, recognizing his many years of dedication to combating vehicle theft and participation in WSATI.  Fritz quickly thanked everyone and had to leave the podium because "boys, you are going to make me cry."

Gary then introduced and installed the 2001 calendar year WSATI Chapter Officers: Sergeant-at-Arms Gary Steadman; Treasurer Phil Macklin; Secretary Dave Randolph; Vice President Lou Koven; and President Bill Lovold

Bill then presented Gary with his Past President name tag.

Bill then took over the meeting.   All in attendance then introduced themselves to the other members.

Bill introduced IAATI Western Region Past President Joanie Pitts who spoke about the IAATI national association and what it stands for. 

Bill then introduced Santa Ana PD / OCATT Detective Eric Demopoulos who gave a presentation on bar code reading.  If you wish to contact Eric, he can be reached at 714 634-1385.

Bill then introduced John Moore from AAA who spoke about things currently taking place at AAA.  Carol VanNatter also spoke about the 100th anniversary of AAA and some little known facts involving AAA over the past hundred years.

Bill then introduced Locator Technologies CEO Jack A. Bernstein who spoke about how his company can assist law enforcement.  Jack can be reached at 310 396-4628.

Bill then introduced CHP Southern Investigator Randy Ballin.  Randy gave an update on the status of CECATS.  CECATS is still alive in the San Fernando Valley with Bob Graybill still leading the troops.  Randy is temporarily assigned to CECATS.

Bill then introduced Lou Koven who spoke briefly about the Digest of Traffic Legislation manual that was produced by the California Highway Patrol, DMV, AAA Southern California, and the California State Automobile Association.  Lou had copies of the manual available to members.

Bill then introduced Hyundai Motor America Engineer Eric Buxton who made a presentation regarding the new Hyundai product line and their security features.  Eric brought with him several new vehicles so we could see the features in person.  Eric can be reached at 714 965-3364.

A buffet lunch was then served to those who wished to stay for lunch.

After lunch, President Bill Lovold who spoke about the upcoming 2001 WSATI Conference that will be hosted by the Southern Chapter of WSATI in 2001 in Palm Springs.  Bill handed out material regarding the conference and suggested people start making reservations for the conference. 

NICB Agent Dennis Lessiak would like feedback from NICB / Law Enforcement personnel who participated in this year's training at the L.A. Auto Show on 1/10/01.  Please write or call Dennis Lessiak, NICB, at telephone number 661 296-3566 or email DLessiak@nicb.org.  He would like your feedback so he can make the 12th annual training in 2002 even better.  If you have any stories on how the training helped you solve a case, he would like that sent to him.

Bill then presented outgoing President Gary Labb with the President's Plaque, thanking Gary for his contributions to WSATI in 2000.  It appeared that two Past Presidents (who will remain nameless) conspired to make Gary believe he was not going to receive the President's Plaque that is usually presented at the beginning of the meeting.

Bill asked for nominations for the Bent Screwdriver Award.  DMV in Hollywood was nominated for their ability to do VIN verifications on vehicles with counterfeit identification numbers.  This was quickly seconded by members and DMV was the winner. 

Bill presented Marianne Finney with a plaque commemorating her retirement (on 1/17/01) from State Farm Insurance.

The raffle was then held.  Thank yous to State Farm Insurance for hosting the meeting and providing many fine raffle prizes.

The meeting was adjourned.


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