January 17, 2002 - Holiday Inn - Laguna Hills

Outgoing 2001 President Bill Lovold (AAA SIU) started the meeting by welcoming everyone to the Holiday Inn, Laguna Hills.

Bill then had CHP Border ISU Sergeant Benny Price lead all the members in the pledge of allegiance.

Bill then introduced the new 2002 WSATI Southern Chapter Officers, presenting them with their new officer name badges:

Steve Torres, Sergeant-at-Arms, Department of Motor Vehicles
Frank Graber, Treasurer, Fullerton Police Department
Phil Macklin, Secretary, AllState Insurance (Garden Grove PD retired)
Dave Randolph, Vice-President, 21st Century Insurance (Riverside PD retired)
Lou Koven, President, L.A.P.D. BAD CATS

Bill then made a presentation of a thank you certificate to the Automobile Club of Southern California for their ongoing involvement with and support of  WSATI.  John Moore and Dan Brogdon accepted the certificate.  The Auto Club has taken the lead in sponsoring WSATI meetings, supplying door prizes, providing assist- ance at Seminars, and allowing Carol VanNatter to do her "magic."

Bill then turned the meeting over to incoming President Lou Koven.  Lou's first act as president was to present Bill with his "Past President" name badge, as well as a traditional plaque for the outgoing president.

Lou then introduced Carl Pridmore of Crime Prevention Analysis Lab, Inc.  CPAL provided a demonstration of their crime analysis software.

All in attendance then introduced themselves to the other members.

Lou then introduced Past President Joan Pitts, who spoke about the Billy Osborn Memorial Award.  Joan gave a background of Billy Osborn, and then said she was saddened that no one had been nominated this year for the award.  She was then corrected by a member of the audience, Carol VanNatter, who came up to the podium to explain.  Carol explained that Joan was only kidding, that indeed there was an award winner.  Carol said she had the pleasure of working with the winner at the 1995 WSATI Seminar in San Diego, when she was Vice President, and he was President.  About this time, Past President Terry Cramer awakened and realized that Carol was speaking about him.  Terry came up to the podium and received the award.  Terry said he was happy to receive the award because he had the pleasure of working with Billy.  Terry was somewhat surprised, as he was on the awards committee and was told by the other members that no award would be given out this year because no one was nominated.

Lou then introduced the guest speaker, Mari J. Franks, a recognized expert in the field of identity theft.  She was a victim who found that there were no easy answers on how to help victims of identify theft.  She fought back, creating the Identity Theft Survival Kit and the book From Victim to Victor.  Check out the Identity Theft Prevention and Survival web pages at www.identitytheft.org.  Mari gave a presentation that included detailed notes.  Her program was well received and it appeared we drew a large number of non-auto theft related investigators from all over California who had an interest in the identity theft problem.  Following her program, Mari held a raffle of her own, giving away some of her books and other products.

Lou then introduced Diana Rummel of the Construction Industry's Crime Prevention Program of Southern California.  Diana said that since Monday, 1/14/02, there had been over $500,000 in losses reported to her.  This was very high for such a short period of time.  Diana provided the attendees with informat- ion packets.

The attendees then proceeded to devour the Mexican style buffet lunch provided by the Holiday Inn.

Following lunch, Lou reconvened the meeting by having members speak about cases or other things.

Orange County Sheriffs Investigator Bud Hood spoke about a recent case he was working involving the use of bad checks.

Past President Joan Pitts came up to speak about the Western Chapter of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators.

Past President Dave Dempsey, AAA SIU, spoke about one of his cases involving the theft of a boat and trailer.  There were some oddities that he spoke about.  If you wish to contact Dave, click on his name above.

Lou then spoke about the money collected during the Seminar in Palm Springs.  The WSATI Southern Chapter promised to match any funds that were collected during the Seminar for the victims of September 11th.  $3,000 will be donated to the NYPD Detective Endowment Association in the name of the Southern Chapter.  Thanks to all of you who contributed.

Lou then asked for any nominations for the Bent Screwdriver Award.   There were no nominations.  This means that the past winner, Lou, gets to hold onto the award for another two months.

The raffle was then held. 

The meeting was adjourned. 


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