January 16, 2003 - Holiday Inn - Laguna Hills

2002 President Lou Koven (LAPD BAD CATS) started the meeting by welcoming everyone to the Laguna Hills Holiday Inn

Lou then had Lieutenant Kenn Rosenberg (CHP Border / OCATT) lead the pledge of allegiance.

Lou then had the members in attendance do self introductions.  It was nice to see some old (member, not age) faces in the crowd like Dan Ryan, Emile Maassen, and Marianne Finney

Lou then introduced the large contingent of WSATI Southern Chapter Past Presidents who were in attendance: Emile Maassen (1985), Dan Ryan (1990), Skip Davidson (1991), Marianne Finney (1993), Terry Cramer (1995), Carol Vannatter (1996), Dennis Frias (1997), Dave Dempsey (1998), Gary Labb (2000), and Bill Lovold (2001).

Lou then introduced the 2003 WSATI Southern Chapter Officers: 

Bud Hood, Sergeant-At-Arms, Orange County Sheriffs/OCATT
Steve Torres, Treasurer, DMV Canoga Park
Frank Graber, Secretary, Fullerton Police Department (retired 1/15/03)
Phil Macklin, Vice President, AllState Insurance
Carol Vannatter, Newsletter Mailer, AAA of Southern California
Richard O. Knapp, Legal Counsel, Richard O. Knapp and Associates

Lou then thanked WSATI Webmaster Gary Labb (Santa Ana Police Department / OCATT) for his continued efforts in keeping the website current, as well as sending out all the informative e-mails.

Lou then called 2003 WSATI President Dave Randolph (21st Century Insurance) up to the podium.  Lou then presented Dave with his 2003 Presidential name plate and turned the meeting over to Dave.

Dave then presented Lou with his 2002 Past President name plate as well as a plaque thanking Lou for his contributions as President in 2002.

Dave then asked NICB Special Agent Mark Stowell to come up to the podium.  Mark said that he had been asked by the North American Export Committee to make a special presentation.  Mark said that during the last meeting of the North American Export Committee, an award was made to an investigator who could not attend the meeting.  The award, the Peter Girard Investigative Award, was dedicated to the memory of Peter Girard, U.S. Customs Service Supervisory Agent and NAEC member.  The 2002 winner was former CHP FEAR Investigator Dennis Frias who has since promoted and is the Southern Division ISU Sergeant. Mark called Dennis up to the podium where the award was formally given to Dennis.  Congratulations Dennis.

Dennis Frias accepting the Peter Girard Award from Mark Stowell
Dave then asked Past President Terry Cramer (Orange County Sheriffs (retired)), last year's recipient of the Billy Osborn Memorial Award, to come up to the podium.  Terry spoke about Billy and his contributions to the WSATI Southern Chapter.  He spoke of the past recipients, some of whom were in attendance (Marianne Finney (1993), Dan Ryan (1994), Emile Maassen (1996), Jerry Park (1997), and Gary Labb (1999)).  Terry then called a surprised Carol VanNatter (AAA of Southern California) up to the podium.  Carol was surprised because she is normally on the award committee and didn't think one was being presented this year.  After Terry presented Carol with the 2002 award, Carol said she was speechless...we all know better than that.  Congratulations Carol.
Carol VanNatter accepting the Billy Osborn Award from Terry Cramer
Dave then asked Lou Koven, who is co-ordinating this year's 51st Annual IAATI Training Seminar to speak about the seminar.  The seminar will be held on August 3rd to 8th, 2003 at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills.  For further information regarding the seminar, go to the WSATI link, or to the IAATI link.  If anyone would like to be a vendor or a sponsor at the seminar, please go to the vendor link for more information.

Lou then said that a golf tournament would be held in conjunction with the IAATI Seminar.  Bill Lovold (AAA of Southern California), who along with Pete Briones (NICB), is putting together the golf tournament said they were narrowing the possible courses to two outstanding courses in the Simi Valley / Sylmar area.  Bill requested interested golfers to contact him or Pete Briones so they can get an idea of how many people wish to play.  For more golf information and contact information, please go to the golf link.

Carol VanNatter then spoke about the Traffic Digest that was available from AAA.  She then showed a short videotape on new traffic laws.

Dave then introduced the guest speaker, Bob Waldron, Director of the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (West).  Dr. Waldron then gave a Power Point presentation of all that is available from NLECTC both on the local and national level.  If you have questions about how NLECTC can help you or your agency, contact Bob Waldron at 888 548-1618.  Thank you Bud Hood for manipulating the mouse for the presentation.  Dave presented Bob with a thank you gift.

Following Bob's presentation, Dave advised everyone that a New England style buffet was now available.  Once again the Holiday Inn provided an excellent meal to be enjoyed by the attendees.

After the lunch break Dave opened up the floor for discussion of cases or new items. 

San Diego County Sheriffs have seen an increase in the theft of Saturns.  They have also seen a new type of key being used to bypass ignition systems that the kids are calling a "Joker Key."

Steve Torres (DMV Canoga Park) had just received samples of the newest "can't be counterfeited" certificates of titles and salvage certificates.  Steve passed around the little beauties.

Dave then asked for any nominations for the Bent Screwdriver Award.   There were no nominations.  The award had been brought back by Pat Such, the September winner, yet no one wanted to take it home.

The raffle was then held. 

The meeting was adjourned.


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