January 15, 2004 - Holiday Inn - Laguna Hills

Due to the absence of 2003 WSATI Southern Chapter President Dave Randolph, 2001 WSATI Southern Chapter Past President Bill Lovold (AAA Southern California SIU) started the meeting by welcoming everyone to the Holiday Inn. 

Bill then had John Moore (AAA Southern California SIU) lead all the members in the pledge of allegiance.

Bill then explained that Dave Randolph's absence was due to a recent operation and wished Dave a speedy recovery.

Bill then had the members in attendance do self introductions.  It was nice to see  a lot of new faces from OCATT, TRAP, and the Orange County Sheriffs.  There were some old (familiar faces) attending such as Earl Gunderson, Jerry Park, and Greg Monroe.  There was a visitor from Wisconsin (brrr...), Rob Painter, and his local partner, Richard NuDyke.

Bill then introduced the WSATI Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance; Terry Cramer, Skip Davidson, Dave Dempsey, Dennis Frias, Gary Labb, Bill Lovold, Ted Saraf, and Carol VanNatter.

Bill then introduced the 2003 WSATI Southern Chapter Officers: Phil Macklin, Frank Graber, Steve Torres, and Bud Hood.  He also recognized Richard Knapp and Carol VanNatter.

Bill then introduced Past President Terry Cramer, co-chair of the Billy Osborn Memorial Award Committee.  Terry spoke about the past recipients of the award, some who were in attendance, Jerry Park, Gary Labb, Carol VanNatter, and Terry Cramer

WSATI was honored to have Tom Osborn, Billy's son, be part of the awards presentation.  Tom spoke of conversations with Billy about his involvement in WSATI and his contacts with law enforcement.  Tom, like Billy, works for State Farm Insurance.

Terry then introduced Past President Carol VanNatter, co-chair of the Billy Osborn Memorial Award Committee.  Carol spoke about the background of the award and her contacts with Billy.  Carol then announced the 2003 recipient of the award to be Lou Koven, Los Angeles Police Department BAD-CATS.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control, Lou was not able to attend the awards presentation.  The award was accepted on his behalf by his long time partner Bill Lovold.  The formal presentation of the award will take place at a WSATI meeting in the future.

Bill then introduced the incoming 2004 WSATI Southern Chapter President Phil Macklin.  Phil then introduced his incoming 2004 Officers, Vice President Frank Graber, Secretary Steve Torres, Treasurer Bud Hood, and Sergeant-At-Arms Pat Sheets.

Phil then had Bud Hood introduce the guest speaker, Ronda McEwen of Satellite Security Systems (http://www.satsecurity.com/) who spoke about bait cars and tracking systems.  Ronda can be contacted at 877 437-4199 x114. 

Phil then opened the podium to the attendees.  Several attendees spoke about recent cases.

Greg Monroe, retired LAPD BAD-CAT, spoke about a personal issue that was important to him, organ-tissue donors.  To raise awareness for organ and tissue donation and the fight against diabetes, Greg and his brother Kevin have formed a non-profit organization called A RideAcrossAmerica.  The ride will take place between Arpil 10 and April 24, 2004.  For more information, go to the website http://www.arideacrossamerica.org/ or write to Greg at arideacrossamerica@msn.com.

A break for lunch then took place.

The WSATI raffle was then held. 

Following the raffle, Phil then asked for any nominations for the Bent Screwdriver Award.   Ira Beaty (LoJack) nominated 2003 WSATI Treasurer Steve Torres.  Ira said that it was confusing that Steve chose orange tickets to be used for the raffle and at the same time gave out orange tickets as the lunch ticket. Carol VanNatter nominated the 2003 WSATI Officers "in general" and without explanation.  Steve was voted as the winner of the award. 

Frank Graber then updated the members regarding the 2004 WSATI Training Seminar.  The new dates for the Seminar were September 29th, 30th, and October 1st.  Frank Graber said the price of the hotel to be $90 including tax and parking.  The Seminar will be held in San Diego at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center.  Frank said that Randy Garcia from NICB has talked about holding a NICB sponsored golf tournament in conjunction with the Training Seminar.

The meeting was adjourned. 


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