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January 20, 2014 - Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que - Cerritos

2014 WSATI Southern Chapter President Tim Jackson (AAA Insurance SIU) welcomed everyone to the meeting and to the popular WSATI venue, Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que.  Tim then asked Past President Jim Williams (Long Beach Police) to lead everyone in the pledge of allegiance.

Tim then brought up 2013 WSATI Southern Chapter President Rob Manning (LASD/TRAP) and presented him with the Chapter Officers' Thank You Gift for being the Southern Chapter President in 2013.  Rob quickly spoke about the new WSATI T-shirts, Dickie work shirts, and hats that were available for sale.  He showed the Dickie work shirt that he was wearing and said they were perfect for use at the tow yards.  He said they were now available for purchase.

Tim then introduced the other Southern Chapter Officers who were in attendance:

Vice President Aristeed Powell (DMV Investigations)
Secretary Brian Yori (LAPD/TRAP) 
Treasurer Shawn Robison (Wawanesa Insurance SIU)
Sergeant-At-Arms Heather Roberts ( Liberty Mutual Insurance SIU)
Associate Director Jeff Enfield (LASD/TRAP)
Associate Director Mick O'Neill (Hagerty Insurance SIU)
Legal Counsel Richard Knapp (Knapp & Spurlock, LLP)

Tim then introduced Past WSATI Southern Chapter Presidents who were in attendance:

Ted Saraf (1992), Gary Labb (2000), Bill Lovold (2001), Lou Koven (2002), Jim Williams (2009), Dave Petrelli (2011), and Rob Manning (2013).

Tim then introduced Art Mata, the Crime Prevention Program of Southern California Executive Board President.  Art gave a brief background of the John Hootman Memorial Award (formerly known as the "Hooter's Hummer" Award).  Art then called up Board Member Gabe Marquez to make the Award presentation.  Gabe then announced the recipients of the 2013 John Hootman Memorial Award were 2013 members of the Riverside County AutoTheft Interdiction Detail (RAID): Miguel Garcia, Fred Langley, Matt Lewis, John Rodriguez, and Scott Von Gorder.  They all received individual awards and then were given the Perpetual Award that will remain with RAID until the 2014 winners are announced. 

Tim then introduced the Honorable Judge Tomson Ong, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Long Beach, who gave a presentation about Auto Theft related legal issues and the Realignment Program. Judge Ong's presentation was very well received by the attendees.

Following Judge Ong's presentation, Tim introduced Victor Valdez, AAA SIU.  Victor said that he and AAA wished to recognize two recent retirees for the assistance they provided to AAA during their careers.  Victor then called recently retired LASD / TRAP Detective John Thorne up and presented John with a AAA Thank You plaque.  Victor then called recently retired Orange County Deputy District Attorney Leslie Hanke up and presented Leslie with a AAA Thank You plaque.

Tim then asked everyone in attendance to introduce themselves to the other attendees and share any information or important cases.

Logo (c) 2007 - 2010 WSATI Southern Chapter

Following the presentation, Tim announced that the buffet luncheon was ready and available to the attendees.

Following the luncheon, the raffle was conducted by Heather Roberts, Jeff Enfield, and Mick O'Neill (among others).

Following the raffle, the meeting was adjourned by Tim Jackson.  The next meeting will be on Thursday, March 20, 2014.

There were some new faces that came to the meeting as well as several "old" members who had not been to the meetings in some time.  This meeting drew people from as far as Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Ventura, and San Bernardino Counties.  Thank you all for your attendance.

Following the meeting, the Southern Chapter Officers convened and were advised by Treasurer Shawn Robison, that due to work commitments, he would have to step down from being a 2014 Chapter Officer.  Heather Roberts was moved up to Treasurer and Jeff Enfield was moved up to Sergeant-At-Arms.


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