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The John Hootman Memorial Award

John Hootman

The John Hootman Memorial Award (formerly known as the "Hooter's Hummer" Award) is presented annually at the January meeting of the Western States Auto Theft Investigators (WSATI) Association. It is named after the late California Highway Patrol Investigator John D. Hootman of the Inland Division Investigations Services Unit. It honors the memory of an officer who gave so much time, effort, enthusiasm, and innovation towards helping the construction industry prevent and resolve equipment crimes.

The name "Hooter's Hummer" represents the last major case he spearheaded, the $10 million dollar recovery case against a suspect. This was the code name that John created for that memorable five-year case. That case remains the largest recovery of stolen construction equipment in United States History.

There are two parts to this award. First, a permanent gold hard hat, on which a small personalized plaque will be added each year naming the newest winner. The hard hat will be passed from winner to winner at this annual meeting. Second, a personalized plaque will be given each year to the current winner to keep.

As presented by Executive Director Melissa Somers at the WSATI Southern Chapter Training Meeting / Luncheon in Cerritos on January 17, 2019:

"This year’s winner of the John Hootman Memorial Award has been a Deputy with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for 9 years. In 2014 he was assigned to his dream job as one of the two Deputies to the Sheriff’s Rural Crimes Task Force. This task force assignment includes a variety of duties ranging from animal cruelty/ theft, animal fighting, ranch and farm theft and heavy equipment and construction theft investigations – all in the very active San Bernardino County area.

In addition to the many responsibilities working on the Rural Crimes Task Force, this Deputy continues to make construction theft a priority. The work he does to prevent heavy equipment theft, is not only appreciated by CPP, it is incredibly helpful to any construction company that happens to have a job in San Bernardino County.

In 2018, this Deputy, along with his partner, recovered over $162,000 in heavy equipment, including multiple Bobcat skid Steers, CATerpillar grading computers, and company trucks.

He works diligently to educate foreman on various prevention methods including membership with the Crime Prevention Program, the Owner Applied Number (OAN) program, of which he is an administrator, and shares many valuable ideas on how to protect their jobsites from theft. He has been known to take time from his day to mark equipment for a company with the very OAN number he assigns them, proving, yet again, his dedication to his work. His proactive energy in fighting construction and heavy equipment theft is admirable….. AND he also just happens to be one of CPP’s biggest cheerleaders and supporters, and for that I am eternally grateful.

It is my honor and pleasure to present our 23rd Annual John Hootman Memorial Award to Deputy Rob Oakleaf."

Hootman Perpetual

Hootman Award

Hootman Group
L-R: Deputy Randy Stanley, Sergeant Lonnie Siebert, Deputy Rob Oakleaf, Lieutenant Todd Newton, CPP Executive Director Melissa Somers, Captain Gregg Herbert

The following people have been recognized by the Crime Prevention Program and awarded the John Hootman Memorial Award:
Year Recipient(s) Agency at Time of Award
2018 Rob Oakleaf SBCSD Rural Crimes TF
2017 John Nogues, John Rodriguez RAID
2017 Dennis Frias (Lifetime Achievement Award) Locator Technologies / OCRA
2016 Kasey Banuelos, Jeff Strout CHP Inland Division ISU
2015 Jim Kelley CHP Border Division ISU
2014 Karie Mendoza CHP Inland Division ISU
2013 Miguel Garcia, Fred Langley, Matt Lewis, John Rodriguez, Scott Von Gorder RAID
2012 Ben Black, Joe Williamson LAPD Safe Detail
2011 Karie Mendoz CHP Inland Division ISU
2011 Matt Lewis, John Rodriguez RAID
2010 Riverside AutoTheft Interdiction Detail Team RAID
2009 Gabe Marquez CHP Southern ISU - TRAP
2008 CHP Inland Division ISU Team CHP Inland Division ISU
2008 Heath Kuhlmann (Special Recognition Award CHP / SANCATT
2007 Michael Perez LAPD - BAD CATS
2006 Richard Cheever CHP Southern Division ISU
2006 Lou Koven LAPD - BAD CATS
2005 Michael Hartmann, Juan Ponce Ventura County Sheriffs
2004 Michael Harris, Kurt Nester CHP Inland Division ISU
2003 CHP Coastal Division SLOCATS Team CHP SLOCATS
2003 CHP Inland Division ISU Team (Special Recognition Award) CHP Inland Division ISU
2002 Pete Herrera, Steve Reardon CHP Border Division ISU
2002 Bill Chamberlin, Bill Kibbett CHP Border Division ISU
2001 Riverside AutoTheft Interdiction Detail Team RAID
2000 Rick Marshall CHP CECATS
1999 Dale Nancarrow TRAP - North
1999 Steve Kolb LAPD - BAD CATS
1998 Riverside AutoTheft Interdiction Detail Team RAID
1997 Riverside AutoTheft Interdiction Detail Team RAID
1996 Dave Schwartzkoff CHP Inland Division ISU

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Current members of the WSATI organization, including individual law enforcement officers or their departments, task forces, insurance companies, private investigators, etc. If a multi-agency group or task force is selected, the award will be presented to the whole unit, not a single officer representing the group.DATES AND LOCATIONS OF ELIGIBILITY: Activities which took place before November 30th, 2019 will be considered. To be eligible, activities must have taken place within at least one of the ten Southern California counties, the same area covered by the Crime Prevention Program.

ELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES: Prevention or resolution of construction industry theft or vandalism incidents, apprehension of suspects, and training or educational activities for officers or the general public. These construction cases should reflect the nominee's personal interest, enthusiasm, commitment, and innovation. The award is not to be based on the dollar value of any recoveries, although any overall value should be noted.

For a copy of the application, contact the CPP Office or click here for an Adobe .pdf version of the application that can be downloaded and printed.

DEADLINE: All mailed entries must be received at the CPP Office by December 30, 2019. Please send entries to:
                Crime Prevention Program of SoCal                 John Hootman Award Nomination                 2390 E. Orangewood, Suite 585                 Anaheim, CA 92806                (562) 860-9006 / 24-Hour Reward / Hotline 800-432-7257 X 823                 EMAIL:
The presentation will take place at the January 2020 WSATI Southern Chapter Training Meeting / Luncheon (location to be determined). For information regarding the WSATI Training Meetings, please click here or on the WSATI man below.

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For a review of the actual "Hooter's Hummer" case file from John Hootman (password encrypted), please click here.