July 20, 2000 - The Reef Restaurant - Long Beach

President Gary Labb started the meeting by welcoming everyone to the newest WSATI venue, the Reef Restaurant.  The view out the windows of the Reef was of the Queen Mary and the skyline of Long Beach.

Gary then had former CHP Investigator, now NICB Membership Manager, Dave Stevenson lead all the members in the pledge of allegiance.  Gary then introduced the WSATI Chapter Officers.  Gary introduced the WSATI Board of Directors who were present, including new board member Gary Steadman from San Diego County Sheriffs. 

All in attendance then introduced themselves to the other members.

Gary spoke about the WSATI 2000 Training Seminar coming up in Lake Tahoe on October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, advising that the registration forms for the conference, the car show, and the golf tournament were all available at the meeting.  He said the forms were also available by going to the Northern Chapter link.  Gary reminded everyone of the September 1st cutoff date before the price for the conference went up in price.

Gary then introduced Joan Pitts, the IAATI Western Chapter President, who spoke about the upcoming IAATI Training Seminar in Vancouver, July 31st thru
August 4th.  Joan also talked about how IAATI membership filters money from the national, to the regional, to the local chapters.  She also spoke about the new IAATI Western Chapter pins that will be given to all Western Chapter members.

Gary then introduced WSATI Vice President Bill Lovold who spoke about the
upcoming 2001 WSATI Conference that will be hosted by the Southern Chapter of WSATI in 2001 in Palm Springs.

Gary stated that WSATI was seeking to have the 2001 WSATI Conference POST certified.  He said that probably would require that the WSATI Southern Chapter not be sponsoring a golf tournament.  He suggested that OCATT, RAID, RATT, or SANCATT might want to sponsor a tournament and hold it in conjunction with the conference. (Since the meeting, State Farm Insurance has volunteered to sponsor and co-ordinate the golf tournament)

Gary introduced WSATI Legal Counsel Richard Knapp who spoke briefly about the progress in obtaining non-profit status for the Southern Chapter.

Gary also mentioned that Carol VanNatter, the WSATI Newsletter Mailing co- ordinator and founder of WSATI Wear, just introduced the WSATI Southern Chapter Pin.  The pin (pictured below), as well as clothing items, is available from the WSATI Wear site.

Gary then turned the meeting over to Keith Jackson of LAPD BAD-CATS who spoke about pleasure boat and trailer theft.  Keith brought a boat and trailer with him and after his "in classroom" presentation, the members went out to the park- ing lot for a "hands on" presentation.

A very good lunch was served for those who wished to have lunch.

Bill Lovold, claiming that Dave would be upset by him doing this, recognized David Locke, a unit manager of the AAA Physical Damage Claims Division, who will be retiring in the next few months after 40+ years of service.  Dave has been an intregal part of the assistance offered by AAA to the Auto Theft Task Forces over the past eight years.

NICB Supervising Special Agent Mark Stowell spoke about the current status of the Chicago Office, how they are expanding the hours and personnel in the invest- igative clerk section, allowing for a 24/7 approach to assisting law enforcement and member companies.  Mark also spoke about the repatriation project that he has been working on.  Mark also updated the members regarding NICB's future ideas of service, which include more emphasis on law enforcement and member companies getting their information directly via links by computer access.  Anyone with questions, please contact Mark.

Gary opened the floor to members if they had items they wished to share with the
other members.  Several members came forward and spoke.

Gary asked for nominations for the Bent Screwdriver Award.  No one was found to be deserving of this prestigious award, so the previous winner, Lou Koven, gets to maintain the award for another two months.

The raffle was then held.

The meeting was adjourned.


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