July 19, 2001 - The Reef Restaurant - Long Beach

President Bill Lovold (AAA SIU) started the meeting by welcoming everyone to the Reef Restaurant in Long Beach.

Bill then had former CHP Southern Investigator K.B. Wright lead all the members in the pledge of allegiance. 

All in attendance then introduced themselves to the other members.

Bill then introduced the guest speaker, Jack Trimarco.  Jack is a retired FBI Agent, former head of the FBI's Psychological Profile Unit, and is recognized as an expert in the field of interviewing and interrogation.  Jack has worked many high profile cases.  Jack gave a well received presentation that was filled with good information and ideas.  Jack can be reached at (310) 247-2637.  Following the presentation, Bill presented Jack with a gift from WSATI.

Bill then spoke about Past President Dave Dempsey who will be changing his hats from NICB agent to AAA SIU Investigator on August 1st.

The members then enjoyed a lunch provided by the Reef Restaurant staff.

Bill then spoke about a new vendor who will be joining us at the WSATI Training Seminar in Palm Springs, PowerLock.

Bill spoke about the upcoming 2001 WSATI Seminar that will be hosted by the Southern Chapter of WSATI in 2001 in Palm Springs.  Bill handed out material regarding the seminar and suggested people make reservations for the seminar as the Doral is quickly filling up.  He also handed out seminar registration forms.  The forms can also be found in a downloadable Word97 version by clicking here.

Bill then spoke about the next training meeting / luncheon on November 15th that will be held at the GM Training Center in Burbank.  This training session will also feature the ever popular Santa Maria Barbecue.

Past President Terry Cramer (Orange County Sheriffs) then reminded members that the November meeting is also the meeting for the election of new WSATI officers.  Terry requested anyone with ideas for nominations to contact either him or Past President Carol VanNatter (AAA SIU) prior to the November meeting.

Diana Rummel (Crime Prevention Program for the Construction Industry) said that she has found Alpha Lock to be a worthwhile product to prevent construction equipment theft.  She said that she is now selling the product.  She said that a representative of Alpha Lock will be a vendor at the Seminar.  Diana also reminded the members about the upcoming (November) presentation of the Hooter's Hummer Award, advising that the application forms are available via the WSATI website.  Diana also advised that construction equipment theft is on the rise and there have almost been as many vehicles stolen in the first six months of 2001 as all of 2000.

Past President Dennis Frias (CHP F.E.A.R.) spoke briefly about the Foreign Export and Recovery Program.  He also spoke about the North American Export Committee meeting coming up in the near future.

Ira Beatty (LoJack) spoke about LoJack coming on line in the Denver Colorado area.

Bill then thanked the many new and continuing sponsors and donors who have contributed to making this WSATI meeting possible.

Bill then asked for any nominations for the Bent Screwdriver Award.   Tony Cox of DMV / CECATS was nominated by his partner for a non-auto theft related mistake... it was better than another mistake made by another DMV Investigator, so Tony took home the prize.

The raffle was then held.  Thank you NICB for donating many of the door prizes.

The meeting was adjourned.  After the general membership left, there was a meet- ing of the Seminar planning committees.  To say that the attendees will have a large choice of topics and instructors would be an understatement.  I (Gary Labb) have been involved in the planning of three Seminars hosted by the Southern Chapter and this one has the potential of having the most training I have ever seen offered.  A tentative list of classes can be found by clicking here.


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