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July 16, 2009 - General Motors Training Center, Burbank

Welcome to the General Motors Training Center

Due to the lack of Southern Chapter Officers being present for the meeting, the attendees were greeted at the door by WSATI Southern Chapter 1988 Past President Bill Robertson (NICB) and 2000 Past President Gary Labb (Santa Ana Police / OCATT - Retired).  Current President Jim Williams (Long Beach Police), along with Chapter Legal Counsel Richard Knapp began preparing the luncheon, while Geri Gary and Martha Jones-Joseph (both of AAA Southern California SIU) assisted with the preparation.

2009 WSATI Southern Chapter President Jim Williams welcoming the attendees2009 WSATI Southern Chapter President Jim Williams (Long Beach Police) took a few minutes off from his cooking duties and welcomed everyone to the General Motors Training Center, and introduced himself as the 2009 Southern Chapter President.  Jim explained that WSATI was trying to reach out to potential and current members by holding meetings in various locations. 

Jim then requested that 1997 WSATI Past President Dennis Frias (CHP - FEAR) lead the attendees in the pledge of allegiance. 

Jim then requested that the attendees give self introductions.  This took some time due to the great turnout of attendees for the meeting.  There were a lot of new faces that came to the meeting as well as several "old" members who had not been to the meetings in some time.  Jim thanked the new attendees for coming out for the training.

Jim then spoke about upcoming training at the WSATI meetings.  Jim said he was going to try to have training that could fill some of the needs of the new law enforcement detectives as well as the new insurance SIU personnel.  He said he has found that many of the new detectives don't seem to understand some of the basics so he will try to cover some of the topics they are lacking.  Jim said the next meeting / luncheon would be in Carlsbad in September.

Jim then introduced Guest Speaker LAPD/TRAP Detective Cesar Ramirez.  Cesar gave a presentation on Illegal Subleasing of Vehicles.  Jim then ran outside to continue cooking lunch for everyone.  Cesar gave a good presentation that had a lot of audience participation and questions.

At the conclusion of Cesar's presentation, WSATI Southern Chapter 2000 Past President Gary Labb (Santa Ana Police / OCATT - Retired) spoke briefly about how Cesar made the suggestion in March 2008 to add a section to the WSATI website for classic cars that were being stolen.  Gary thanked Cesar and said that since that time stolen classics cars are being added to the website constantly, that this is becoming a very large crime.  Cesar said that several cars that were on the WSATI website's Stolen Classic Cars section have been recovered by law enforcement and in one case a citizen saw the vehicle on the site and called law enforcement who then identified and recovered the vehicle.  Gary suggested that those in attendance take a look at the website at http://www.wsati.org/stolenclassics.html.

Gary introduced WSATI Southern Chapter 2002 Past President Lou Koven (LAPD - BADCATS - Retired), who is now working for the Crime Prevention Program of Southern California.  Lou spoke about new identification labels that will be required on construction and farm equipment in the near future.  He also showed a new tool that he was using to stamp owner applied numbers on equipment.  Lou advised that the Tulare County DA's Office has a website where they are issuing owner applied numbers.  The website is located at www.agcrime.net.  The can also be contacted at (559) 624-1054.

After Lou finished his presentation, Gary Labb, who is also the 2007 Past President of the Western Regional Chapter of IAATI, spoke about the upcoming IAATI Training Seminar to be held in Colorado on August 9-14, 2009.  Gary  also spoke about the upcoming WSATI Training Seminar, hosted by the Northern Chapter, to be held in South Lake Tahoe on October 6th, 7th, and a half day on the 8th.  A golf tournament is scheduled to take place on October 5th.  Gary then concluded by speaking about the upcoming Arizona Auto Theft Investigators Association's upcoming AATIA Training Seminar taking place in Laughlin on September 15-18, 2009. 

Gary then asked if anyone had anything they wished to share with the group.

With the smell of the BBQ lunch coming into the room, everyone knew it was getting close to lunch.  Gary then asked WSATI Southern Chapter 2001 Past President Bill Lovold (AAA Southern California) and Vic Valdez (AAA Southern California) to assist with the raffle.  There were a lot of different winners, and at the same time many were upset with some of the repeat winners.  If you want to be like them, do what they do... buy extra raffle tickets... the big winner was Darrin Ray who won the GPS unit with his ticket being drawn by his partner...hmmm...

Jim then announced that the lunch was ready.  The attendees were then served a Santa Maria Bar-B-Q style luncheon, that had been prepared by Jim Williams and Richard Knapp while the meeting and training took place. It included Tri-tip, chicken, sausage, salad, potato salad, beans, and a cookie to top it all off...everyone appeared to enjoy and take a trip back for seconds (and for some, thirds)...

Logo (c) 2007-2009 WSATI Southern Chapter

Following lunch, the meeting was adjourned.

Other Southern Chapter Officers in attendance:

Legal Counsel Richard Knapp (Knapp Law Firm, LLP)
Secretary Dave Petrelli (State Farm Insurance SIU - Retired) 

Sergeant-At-Arms Rob Manning (LASD/TRAP), Treasurer Tim Glover (LASD/TRAP), and Vice President John Bartolone (DMV Investigations) were unable to attend the meeting.

Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance: Bill Robertson (1988), Skip Davidson (1991), Ted Saraf (1992), Dennis Frias (1997), Randy Ballin (1999), Gary Labb (2000), Bill Lovold (2001), and Lou Koven (2002). 

Jim Williams wanted to personally thank the Past Presidents and Southern Chapter members who jumped in to assist at this meeting when most of the Chapter Officers could not make it to the meeting or had to leave early... Bill Robertson, Dennis Frias (for helping with the after meeting cleanup), Gary Labb, Bill Lovold, Geri Gary, Martha Jones-Joseph, Vic Valdez, and our newest cook, Richard Knapp


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