March 15, 2001 - Mercedes Benz Training Center, Rancho Cucamonga

President Bill Lovold started the meeting by welcoming everyone to the newest WSATI venue, the Mercedes Benz Training Center.  There was a standing room only crowd for the meeting, with numerous participants from Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego counties coming to the meet- ing.

Bill then had Past President Randy Ballin lead all the members in the pledge of allegiance.  Randy is now doing double duty, CHP Southern Investigations, and one of the newest members of LAPD's CECAT program.

All in attendance then introduced themselves to the other members.

Bill then introduced CHP Inland / RAID Investigator Dave Jackson who gave a Power Point presentation on construction / farm equipment theft.  If you wish to contact Dave, he can be reached at 909 955-2689.  Bill presented Dave with a gift from WSATI at the conclusion of his presentation.

Bill spoke about the upcoming 2001 WSATI Seminar that will be hosted by the Southern Chapter of WSATI in 2001 in Palm Springs.  Bill handed out material regarding the seminar and suggested people start making reservations for the seminar.  He also handed out seminar registration forms.  The forms can also be found in a downloadable Word97 version by clicking here.

Past President / NICB Agent Dave Dempsey then told the members that the 2001 NICB Manuals were available from him or NICB Agent Dennis Lessiak who was also at the meeting.

Past President / LoJack Law Enforcement Liaison Ted Saraf then spoke about the new DOJ manuals on light duty trucks / SUVs that recently came out, suggesting that we notify our Records supervisors of this book.  He said it would assist police departments in entering the correct information into SVS regarding vehicle model information.

Bill then introduced Alpha Industries Representative Alex Lukich who spoke about their new anti-theft product, Alpha Lock 2000.  This is a very strong steel wheel boot lock device.  Alex was generous in giving WSATI a passenger vehicle model and a truck model to be used in the raffle.  Alex can be reached at 877 257-4256.  The Alpha Lock 2000 can be found on the web page, www.alphalock.com.  Bill presented Alex with a gift from WSATI as the conclusion of his presentation.

The AlphaLock 2000 Wheel Boot Lock Device

Bill then introduced Mercedes Benz Technical Training Supervisor Ray Fausel who welcomed the members to the facility.  He then opened the facility to the members to tour.  Visit the Mercedes Benz website at www.mbusa.com.

After the tour, we were treated to some great Santa Maria barbecued tri-tip and chicken (and all the fixin's).  It appeared by the number of people getting seconds that everyone enjoyed this lunch.  The lunch was provided by the Santa Maria Barbecue Co. (3845 Jasmine Avenue, Culver City, 310 559-5709) 

After lunch the meeting was reconvened with Bill asking the members if they had any cases they wished to discuss.  Several members asked for assistance from the members.

Bill asked for nominations for the Bent Screwdriver Award.   Sergeant at Arms Gary Steadman was quick to nominate NICB Agent Randy Garcia.  It appears that Randy (not working alone as Randy pointed out) recovered a stolen vehicle and was about to get it "blue-tagged" when the victim pointed out to Randy that the car was not her stolen vehicle.  Further investigation showed that the vehicle had been VIN switched to be the victim's stolen vehicle and was actually another stolen vehicle.  Needless to say, Randy received the award.  Randy also pointed out that he was now a three time winner, just like Bill Lovold.

The raffle was then held.  Thank you to Rancho Del Oro (196 Bosstick Blvd, San Marco, CA 92069 760 945-2666) for providing many fine raffle prizes.

The meeting was adjourned.


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