March 20, 2003 - Mercedes Benz Training Center, Rancho Cucamonga

2003 President Dave Randolph (21st Century Insurance) started the meeting by asking Past President David Dempsey (AAA of Southern California ISU) to lead the pledge of allegiance.

Dave Randolph then asked for a moment of silence in support of the troops in Iraq.

Dave then welcomed everyone to the Mercedes Benz Training Center and thanking Mercedes Benz for allowing WSATI to use its facility for our meeting. 

Dave then had the members in attendance do self introductions. 

Dave then introduced the 2003 WSATI Southern Chapter Officers: 

Richard O. Knapp, Legal Counsel, Richard O. Knapp and Associates
Carol Vannatter, Newsletter Mailer, AAA of Southern California
Bud Hood, Sergeant-At-Arms, Orange County Sheriffs/OCATT
Steve Torres, Treasurer, DMV Canoga Park
Frank Graber, Secretary, Fullerton Police Department (retired 1/15/03)
Phil Macklin, Vice President, AllState Insurance

Dave then asked Carol VanNatter, who is assisting in putting on this year's 51st Annual IAATI Training Seminar, to speak about the seminar.  Lou Koven (LAPD BAD CATS), who is co-ordinating the Seminar, was unable to attend due to the tactical alert issued for LAPD personnel.  The seminar will be held on August 3rd to 8th, 2003 at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills.  For further information regarding the seminar, go to the WSATI link, or to the IAATI link.  If anyone would like to be a vendor or a sponsor at the seminar, please go to the vendor link for more information.  Carol also spoke about the golf tournament that will be proceeding the Seminar.

Dave then spoke about the 2003 WSATI Training Seminar to be held October 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2003 in Lake Tahoe and hosted by the Northern Chapter.

Dave then spoke regarding the fact that since we incorporated, the raffle of prizes has to be self sustaining.  He said that whatever money is brought in by the raffle goes to the next meeting's raffle prizes.  He said he encouraged corporate sponsors to provide raffle prizes if at all possible.

Dave then introduced the first presenters, Shigeko Otani, Manager Strategic Alliances and Masanori Kameyama, Manager of Global Alliance for Omron Technologies.  Ms. Otani then gave a Power Point presentation regarding a product they currently have in Japan that they are thinking about marketing here in the United States.  The product, called Carmoni, is a vehicle surveillance and disturbance detection device.  If you have questions about Carmoni please contact Shigeko at (408) 970-1103 or Masanori at (408) 970-1124.  Omron Technologies provided WSATI with three raffle prizes. 

Dave then opened the floor for comments.

Ted Saraf, Law Enforcement Liaison for LoJack, spoke about a problem that is being seen with the entry of construction equipment and commercial vehicles into the stolen vehicle system.  There have been problems with dispatch centers entering incorrect PINs or VINs into the system and thus causing no activation of the vehicle's LoJack equipment. 

Bud Hood, Orange County Sheriffs assigned to OCATT, brought up two things.  He said the first, as Sergeant-at-Arms, he wished to make sure that everyone who wished to be on the e-mail list make sure that they signed the list or contacted Gary Labb, the WSATI Webmaster, directly with their e-mail addresses.  He said in that way they could be kept aware of meeting information as well as additional information that was put out regarding other related activities.

Lee Klepper, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, wanted to assure law enforcement personnel that Enterprise was interested in prosecuting auto thieves, not just using law enforcement as a repossession tool.

Richard O. Knapp, Legal Counsel for the WSATI Southern Chapter, spoke about how Riley v. Mid-Century Ins. Exchange (1981 118 Cal. App 3d 195) is often mis- quoted regarding "innocent purchasers."

Dave then introduced guest speaker Stephen Torres, DMV Investigations Supervisor from Canoga Park.   Steve gave an outstanding presentation regarding recognizing fraudulent drivers licenses and ownership/registration paperwork.  He provided all in attendance with handout material.

Following Steve's presentation, Dave announced that a Santa Maria Barbecue style luncheon was ready and invited those attending to go outside to the barbecue area.  The Santa Maria Barbecue Company (a Lou Koven "find") catered the lunch and most everybody commented that it was the best lunch that WSATI has ever had.  Barbecued tri-tip, chicken, baked beans, garlic bread, two salads and dessert were on the menu.  If you went away hungry it's your own fault!  Hopefully we will have them back again at a future meeting.  They can be located in Culver City.  Call them at 310 559-5709. 

Dave then asked for any nominations for the Bent Screwdriver Award.   There were no nominations.  Dave then advised those in attendance that Treasurer Steve Torres had just obtained the new Bent Screwdriver Award plaque, however he had not placed a bent screwdriver on the plaque.  Evidently that struck the heart of several members as Steve was then nominated for the award and easily won.  When he stepped back into the room, he gracefully accepted the award.

The raffle was then held. 

The meeting was adjourned. 


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