March 16, 2006 - Mercedes Benz Training Center, Rancho Cucamonga

Something for everyone to dream about...

2006 WSATI Southern Chapter President Steve Torres (DMV Investigations [retired]) welcomed everyone to the Mercedes Benz Training Center. 

Steve then requested that Past President Frank Graber (Fullerton Police Department [retired]) lead the members in the pledge of allegiance.

Steve then introduced the 2006 Southern Chapter Officers who were in attendance:

Bud Hood, Vice President, Orange County Sheriffs / OCATT
Rick Greenwood, Secretary, Riverside Police
John Bartolone, Sergeant-At-Arms, DMV Investigations
Richard O. Knapp, Legal Counsel, Knapp & Spurlock, LLP

Steve also introduced Jim Williams, Treasurer, Long Beach Police / TRAP, who was unable to attend the meeting.

Steve then introduced the Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance: Skip Davidson (1991), Ted Saraf (1992), Marianne Finney (1993), Dennis Frias (1997), Dave Dempsey (1998), Gary Labb (2000), Bill Lovold (2001), Dave Randolph (2003), Phil Macklin (2004), and Frank Graber (2005).

Steve then had the members in attendance do self introductions.  It was great to see the great turnout of people who traveled in from Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego Counties.  Welcome to several new Investigators/Officers joining us, Jonathan Brien, Darren Parsons, and Ignacio Maciel, as well as several people we had not seen in awhile, including Jim Hayes and Marianne Finney.  We also had a few visitors from Arizona.

Steve then introduced the guest speaker, Forrest Folck, Motor Vehicle Forensic Service.  Forrest spoke about "Theft Trends, Theft Alerts, and Keyless Systems."  Forrest had handouts, an extensive Powerpoint Presentation, and numerous samples.  Forrest can be reached at email at  or 619 286-7939.

Steve then stated that the Law Enforcement Liaison personnel from LoJack wished to come up and speak about the use of LoJack in Mexico.  When Ira Beaty came up to the podium, along with the other Law Enforcement Liaison personnel, Ira said that they also wished to make a presentation.  Ira then requested a very surprised Gary Labb to come up to the podium.  Ira then presented Gary with a retirement plaque from LoJack commemorating Gary's retirement from Santa Ana PD/OCATT after 30 years of service. 

Ira then introduced David Diaz, of Mexico LoJack.  David gave a presentation on the growth of LoJack in Mexico.  David can be reached at email at  or 25 81 10 60 X129.

Steve then introduced Greg Lary, from PIPS Technology.  Greg spoke about his new assignment as the West Coast Operations Director and how PIPS is attempting to contact police agencies who are interested in securing license plate reading equipment.  Greg gave a background of PIPS Technology and the direction that PIPS is going in the future.  Greg can be reached at email at  or 818 615-2018. 

Following Greg's presentation, Steve found that lunch was not quite ready.  Bud and Phil Macklin then presided over the raffle.  And of course, Past President Dave Dempsey showed everyone what happens when you buy a lot of raffle tickets... win a lot of prizes.  And then he complained about how Bud drew the "grand prize" ticket for the DVD player.  Of course the ticket that Bud drew happened to be the lucky winners ticket... belonging to Dave.

Once the raffle was over, those in attendance enjoyed lunch and the chance to talk to their peers at their tables.

Steve then adjourned the meeting.


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