May 20, 2004 - Santa Ana Elks Lodge, Santa Ana

2004 President Phil Macklin (Allstate Insurance) started the meeting by asking everyone to join Eri Dorado (AAA Southern California) in the pledge of allegiance. 

Phil then welcomed everyone to the Santa Ana Elks Lodge.  

Phil then introduced the 2004 WSATI Southern Chapter Officers:  

Pat Sheets, Sergeant-At-Arms, Vanguard Car Rental (Retired) 
Bud Hood, Treasurer, Orange County Sheriffs 
Steve Torres, Secretary, DMV Canoga Park 
Frank Graber, Vice President, Fullerton Police (Retired) 
Phil Macklin, President, AllState Insurance 

Phil then introduced the Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance: Dave Dempsey (1998) and Gary Labb (2000). 

Phil then had the members in attendance do self introductions.   

Phil spoke briefly about the untimely death of Carol VanNatter, and then spoke about how WSATI Southern Chapter was planning an award in her honor. 

Phil then spoke about the upcoming retirement party on June 4th for CHP Border ISU Sergeant Benny Price and Investigator Bob McLean in San Diego.  Contact Border ISU for further information (858) 650-3631. 

Phil then spoke about the upcoming WSATI Training Seminar, hosted by the Southern Chapter, that will begin with registration on Tuesday, September 28th and continue through Friday, October 1st, 2004. 

Phil opened the floor for a quick discussion of cases, problems, things of interest to the members present. 

Phil then introduced the first guest speaker, Pete Tuttle, Department of Insurance Investigator assigned to the Orange County Auto Theft Task Force (OCATT).  Pete spoke about current insurance fraud trends that he was seeing.  Pete's presentation also included a PowerPoint Presentation and handout material. 

Phil then introduced the second speaker, Forrest Folck, Motor Vehicle Forensic Service, who spoke about problems with vehicle ignition systems.  Forrest's presentation also included a PowerPoint Presentation and handout material. 

OCATT/Newport Beach Police Sergeant Joe Thrasher then spoke about an active case that OCATT was working, speaking about having a meeting with other agencies to jointly work the suspects who were involved in multi-county thefts and VIN switching. 

Phil then announced that we were going to break tradition and have the raffle before lunch.  The raffle was held. 

Lunch was then served. 

Following lunch, the meeting was adjourned.  


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