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May 15, 2008 - Mercedes Benz Training Center - Rancho Cucamonga

A different looking Mercedes...

2008 WSATI Southern Chapter President Rick Greenwood (Riverside Police) welcomed everyone to the Mercedes Benz Training Center. 

Rick then requested that Past President Frank Graber (Fullerton PD/OCATT [Retired]) lead the members in the pledge of allegiance.

Rick then introduced the Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance: Skip Davidson (1991), Ted Saraf (1992), Dave Dempsey (1998), Gary Labb (2000), Bill Lovold (2001), Lou Koven (2002), Frank Graber (2005), and Bud Hood (2007).

Rick then spoke about WSATI, in co-operation with the IAATI Western Regional Chapter, posting an encrypted roster on the WSATI website that contains contact information for WSATI Chapters, AATIA, CATI, BCATTI, and Alberta ATIA.  This will give us available contact information for all the vehicle theft associations within the jurisdiction of the IAATI Western Regional Chapter.  This is now up and operating.  It can be located in the link to the IAATI WRC.  Each contributing association president was given the encryption password and can supply it to their own association membership.  WSATI Southern Chapter members need to contact Rick for the password.

Rick asked if any of the people in attendance had anything they'd like to share.

Ted Saraf, LoJack Law Enforcement Liaison, spoke about a survey he hoped all law enforcement in attendance would fill in and return to him.

Keith Jackson, KBJ Consulting, spoke about a "boat theft" case he was investigating.  He said that details of the theft could be located at Todd and Associates.

Mike Bender, Bender Enterprises, spoke about a Mercedes Benz system that may have been compromised.

Dave Dempsey, AAA Insurance SIU, said that he was seeing a trend of U.S. stolen vehicles being advertised for sale in the Mexican edition of The Auto Trader.

Rick spoke about the upcoming ATAC Recovery Officer of the Year Awards program in Orange County on May 28th.  Rick advised that this event is linked to the WSATI website.

Rick then introduced the guest speaker, DMV Investigator John Bartolone.  Rick said that John was going to be giving a presentation on subjects that come up in investigations and as far as he could remember, we had never addressed during any WSATI training.  John gave a presentation on vehicle lien sales and on dealer license plates.  

WSATI Southern Chapter Vice President Jim Williams (Long Beach PD) then presided over the raffle.  There were a lot of different winners, and at the same time many were upset with some of the repeat winners.  If you want to be like them, do what they do... buy extra raffle tickets... and I believe for the first time in years, Dave Dempsey did not win anything...

Jim announced that the next meeting would be on July 17, 2008 at the Riverside Police Magnolia Community Center.  He said that a speaker had not been set yet.

Jim then announced that the lunch that Rick and Past President Bud Hood (Remington Elsag) had been preparing was ready.  The attendees were then served a Santa Maria style BBQ, which everyone appeared to enjoy and take a trip back for seconds (and for some, thirds)...Tri-tip, chicken, sausage, salad, potato salad, beans, and a cookie to top it all off...

Logo (c) 2007 WSATI Southern Chapter

The meeting was adjourned.


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