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May 17, 2012 - Carroll Shelby Enterprises - Gardena


2012 WSATI Southern Chapter President Tim Glover (LASD TRAP) welcomed everyone to the meeting and to the venue, Carroll Shelby Enterprises.  Tim asked everyone to join him in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tim then introduced WSATI Sergeant-at-Arms Brian Yori (LAPD TRAP), who was in charge of putting together the training for the meeting.  Brian spoke about how he knew absolutely nothing about Mustangs when an investigation brought him to Carroll Shelby Enterprises some time ago.  He said that Mr. Shelby and his staff helped Brian to understand the VIN switched Mustangs he was investigating, as well as cloned Shelbys that were appearing.  Brian explained to everyone that WSATI, with the assistance of One Beacon / Hagerty Insurance Special Investigations Unit Investigator Michael "Mick" O'Neill, put together some special Classic Car Identification training for the meeting.  Brian explained that the attendees would be broken down into five groups that would then have training at five training stations:

Classic Camaros - Instructor Stu Michelson
Classic Cobras - Instructor Heather Roberts
Classic Corvettes - Instructor John Thorne
Classic Impalas - Instructor Cesar Ramirez
Classic Mustangs - Instructor Luke Magee

Brian then presented each instructor with a thank you gift for participating in the Classic Car training.  He said he was going to do it prior to the training taking place while he had the audience gathered in one place.

Tim then brought up Tracey Smith, President of Licensing for Shelby and Jenni Shreeves, Executive Director of the Carroll Shelby Foundation.  Tim and Brian presented Jenni with a check for $500 from the WSATI Southern Chapter.  Tracey spoke about the loss of Carroll Shelby on Thursday, May 10th.

Tim then brought up Joseph Stephenson from One Beacon / Hagerty Insurance to speak about the thefts of classic cars.

The attendees then broke into small groups to go through the training rotations at the different training stations.

Following the training cycles, a Mexican-style lunch was served to the attendees.

WSATI Southern Chapter Secretary Tim Jackson (AAA Southern California) then conducted the raffle. There were a lot of great raffle prizes.  Rob Manning (LASD), Victor Valdez (AAA Southern California), Aristeed Powell (DMV Investigations), and Tim Glover (LASD/TRAP) assisted Tim with the raffle.  Again, it appeared that those who bought extra raffle tickets did the best.  Some of the raffle prizes included WSATI Southern Chapter shirts.   To see some of the available shirts, please go to WSATIWear.  Please contact Rob at his listed email address for current pricing on the shirts.  WSATI would like to thank Carroll Shelby for donating some raffle prizes that were used as the "Grand Prize," including an autographed by Carroll Shelby book...way to go Heather Roberts...it appears that Heather bought the most raffle tickets and walked off with the most prizes, including the top prizes, the 32" flat screen television, and the Shelby book... I think the lesson was learned about buying more tickets when they are offered.

The meeting attendees had the opportunity to see a lot of great vehicles prior to, during, and after the meeting. 

The Carroll Shelby Foundation sold some great Shelby Products during the training meeting.

Shelby Daytona Cobra

WSATI would like to personally thank Carroll Shelby Enterprises and the Carroll Shelby Foundation for hosting this training meeting.

Logo (c) 2007 - 2010 WSATI Southern Chapter

Following the raffle, the meeting was adjourned by Tim Glover.  The next meeting will be on Thursday, July 19, 2012 in Lakewood.

There were a lot of new faces that came to the meeting as well as several "old" members who had not been to the meetings in some time.  This meeting drew people from as far as Ventura, San Diego, and Riverside, Arizona, and a Detective Sergeant from Australia.

2012 WSATI Southern Chapter Officers in attendance were:

President Tim Glover (LASD/TRAP)
Vice President Rob Manning (LASD)
Secretary Tim Jackson (AAA Southern California SIU)
Treasurer Aristeed Powell (DMV Investigations)
Sergeant-At-Arms Brian Yori (LAPD/TRAP)
Associate Director Heather Roberts (Infinity Insurance SIU)
Associate Director Shawn Robison (Workmen's Auto Insurance)
Past President Dave Petrelli (Workmen's Auto Insurance SIU)
Legal Counsel Richard Knapp (Knapp Law Firm, LLP)

WSATI Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance were: Ted Saraf (1992), Dennis Frias (1997), Gary Labb (2000), Bill Lovold (2001), Bud Hood (2007), John Bartolone (2010), and Dave Petrelli (2011).


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