November 16, 2000 - Luminaria's Restaurant - Monterey Park

President Gary Labb started the meeting by welcoming everyone to Luminarias Restaurant.

Gary then had LAPD - CECATS Detective and Past President Bill Robertson lead all the members in the pledge of allegiance.  Gary then introduced the WSATI Chapter Officers.  Gary introduced the WSATI Board of Directors who were present.  Gary introduced several past presidents in attendance.

All in attendance then introduced themselves to the other members.

Gary spoke about the recent death of past president Chuck Hollingsworth.  Gary
said that Holly's family wished donations made to the American Heart Associat- ion in lieu of flowers.  Gary said that WSATI would be making a donation to the Heart Association in Holly's name.

Gary then introduced IAATI Western Region President Joanie Pitts who spoke about the IAATI national association and what it stands for.  Joanie was very effective as she received six applications to join IAATI at the meeting. 

Joanie also spoke about the upcoming Billy Osborn Award.  She requested anyone with nominees for the award to contact herself, Terry Cramer, or Carol VanNatter.  The award will be presented at the January 2001 WSATI meeting.

Gary then spoke about Myron Smith's recent illness.  Myron is on the mend and realizes he needs to take care of himself and not rush back into the fray.

Gary then introduced Past President Terry Cramer who conducted the elections for the 2001 Chapter Officers.  The results of the elections were:

2001 President Bill Lovold from the Auto Club of Southern California
2001 Vice President Lou Koven from LAPD - BAD CATS
2001 Secretary Dave Randolph from 21st Century Insurance
2001 Treasurer Phil Macklin from AllState Insurance
2001 Sgt-at-Arms Gary Steadman from the San Diego County Sheriffs

Gary then introduced Diana Rummel of the Construction Industry's Crime Pre- vention Program (CPP) of Southern California.  Diana spoke about the "Hooter's Hummer" Award that is presented yearly by CPP.  She introduced CPP Board members who were attending the meeting, Mike Smith (president), Gerry McEwen, and Mike Perez.  Mike Smith then presented the 2000 "Hooter's Hummer" Award to CECATS Detective Rick Marshall.

Gary then introduced Lou Koven who spoke briefly about the Digest of Traffic Legislation manual that was produced by the California Highway Patrol, DMV, AAA Southern California, and the California State Automobile Association.  Lou had copies of the manual available to members.

Gary then introduced Efrain Quesada from the CHP Mexico Liaison Office who spoke about a new manual that was produced by AAA Southern California, the Law Enforcement Guide to Mexican License PlatesEfrain also brought in some new samples of Baja license plates.

Gary then introduced the guest speaker, Greg Hutchinson of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).  Greg spoke about insurance fraud involving the reported thefts of Harley Davidson motorcycles that really are not Harleys.  He provided the audience with a PowerPoint presentation comparing Harley parts to aftermarket produced parts.  Greg's presentation was well received by the audience.  Gary presented Greg with a thank you gift from WSATI for his presentation.

Gary then introduced WSATI Vice President Bill Lovold who spoke about the
upcoming 2001 WSATI Conference that will be hosted by the Southern Chapter of WSATI in 2001 in Palm Springs.  Bill handed out material regarding the conference and suggested people start making reservations for the conference. 

A buffet lunch was then served to those who wished to stay for lunch.

After lunch, Gary introduced Carol VanNatter, the WSATI Newsletter Mailing co- ordinator and founder of WSATI Wear.  Carol spoke about clothing that was available as well as the recently introduced the WSATI Southern Chapter Pin.  The pin (pictured below), as well as clothing items, is available from the WSATI Wear site.

Gary reminded the attending members to contact him or any of the board members with suggestions for locations of future meetings.  He said that WSATI is looking at holding a meeting in the Ontario area which might bring in more members from the San Bernardino / Riverside / San Diego area.  Gary was trying to see if such a move would prove to be a hardship to members from the L.A. and Van Nuys areas.  If you have some thoughts about this, please contact Gary or any of the chapter officers or board members.

Gary asked for nominations for the Bent Screwdriver Award.  It seems that no one was deserving of the award.

The raffle was then held.  Thank yous to AAA Southern California for hosting the meeting and providing many fine raffle prizes.

The meeting was adjourned.


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