November 18, 2004 - General Motors Training Center - Burbank

2004 President Phil Macklin (Allstate Insurance) started the meeting by asking everyone to join Randy Ballin (CHP Southern ISU [retired]) in the pledge of allegiance.

Phil then welcomed everyone to the General Motors Training Center. 

Phil then introduced the 2004 WSATI Southern Chapter Officers: 

Phil Macklin, President, AllState Insurance
Frank Graber, Vice President, Fullerton Police (Retired)
Steve Torres, Secretary, DMV Canoga Park
Bud Hood, Treasurer, Orange County Sheriffs
Pat Sheets, Sergeant-At-Arms, Vanguard Car Rental (Retired)
Richard Knapp, Legal Counsel, Knapp & Spurlock, LLP

Phil announced that Sergeant-At-Arms Pat Sheets would be resigning as a member of the Chapter Officers due to personal reasons.  He said that Pat would continue at a member of the Board of Directors.  Phil thanked Pat for her contributions during 2004.

Phil then introduced the Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance: Dennis Frias (1997), Randy Ballin (1999), Gary Labb (2000), Bill Lovold (2001), and Lou Koven (2002).

Phil then had the members in attendance do self introductions.  It was great to see some faces that we haven't seen in quite awhile and also some very new faces attending for the first time.

Phil then requested that Toyota/Lexus Motor Credit Fraud Administrator Anthony Ko come to the podium.  Anthony then spoke about the recent formation of automobile financial fraud units at Toyota and Nissan.  Anthony said that he and other financial fraud investigators, as well as law enforcement investigators were attempting to start an Automobile Financial Fraud Investigators Association to assist Law Enforcement with their investigations of fraud occurring with the purchase/lease of vehicles.  Anthony spoke about the proactive approach that his company and several other manufacturers are starting to use.  Anthony also spoke about recent "straw buyer" cases that have occurred throughout the United States.  Anthony can be reached at (310) 468-8382 or at anthony_ko@toyota.com.

Phil then introduced the guest speaker, Forrest Folck, of Motor Vehicle Forensics Services.  His instruction was "HOW TO STEAL A TRANSPONDER / IMMOBILIZER EQUIPPED CAR" and "More Discussion on BMW Keyreader."  Forrest's presentation included a Power Point presentation as well as "hands on" pieces and parts of ignition systems.  Forrest can be reached at (619) 286-7939.

Phil then called the Construction Industry's Crime Prevention Program of Southern California's Executive Director Earl Gunnerson up to the podium.  Earl then presented the 2004 "Hooter's Hummer" Award to CHP Inland ISU Investigators Mike Harris and Kurt Nester.

CPP Executive Director with CHP Inland ISU Investigators Michael Harris and Kurt Nester

Phil then called for the nominations for two positions for the 2005 WSATI Southern Chapter Officers as current Sergeant-At-Arms Pat Sheets was resigning.  Three members were nominated.  The meeting was adjourned for lunch while the current Chapter Officers discussed the election and interviewed the nominees.

The attendees were then served a Santa Maria style barbecue held just outside the auditorium.  The Santa Maria Barbecue Company (a Lou Koven "find") catered the lunch and most everybody commented that it was the best lunch that WSATI has ever had.  Barbecued tri-tip, chicken, baked beans, garlic bread, two salads and dessert were on the menu.  If you went away hungry it's your own fault!  Hopefully we will have them back again soon (possibly March).  They can be located in Culver City.  Call them at 310 559-5709.

Following lunch, an advisory vote was taken among the WSATI members in attendance.  The current Chapter Officers will shortly announce the results of the election.

The raffle gifts were then given out.  There were many smiling faces after the numbers were called out by the outgoing WSATI Southern Chapter President Phil Macklin.

Southern Chapter President Phil Macklin with Billy Osborn Award Recipient Lou Koven

Phil presented Lou Koven, LAPD BAD-CATS with a belated presentation of the Billy Osborn Award.  Lou received the recognition at the January 2004 meeting.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control, Lou was not able to attend the awards presentation.  Since then the award and Lou had not been able to get together in one place until now.

The meeting was adjourned.


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