November 16, 2006 - General Motors Training Center - Burbank

The General Motors Training Center hosted the November meeting

2006 WSATI Southern Chapter Vice President Bud Hood (OCSD/OCATT) welcomed everyone to the General Motors Training Center, as President Steve Torres was unavailable.

Bud explained that due to traffic, the guest speaker was late and he would give a few minutes to allow late members and the speaker to arrive prior to starting the meeting.

Bud then requested that Chris Peterson (Fullerton Police/OCATT) lead the members in the pledge of allegiance.

Bud then introduced the other 2006 Southern Chapter Officers who were in attendance:

Rick Greenwood, Secretary, Riverside Police
Jim Williams, Treasurer, Long Beach Police / TRAP
John Bartolone, DMV Investigations
Richard O. Knapp, Legal Counsel, Knapp & Spurlock, LLP

Bud then introduced the Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance: Skip Davidson (1991), Marianne Finney (1993), Dave Dempsey (1998), Gary Labb (2000), Bill Lovold (2001), Lou Koven (2002), and Phil Macklin (2004).

Bud then introduced 2006 IAATI Western Regional Chapter President Dave Petrelli and spoke about the 2007 IAATI Training Seminar taking place in Phoenix, Arizona in August 2007.

Bud then spoke about the 2007 WSATI Training Seminar taking place in San Diego in September 2007.

Bud then had the members in attendance do self introductions.  It was great to see the great turnout of people who traveled in from Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego Counties.  Welcome to several new Investigators joining us, Carrie Egan and Dwayne Lipscomb (Irvine Police), as well as several people we had not seen in awhile, Mark Stowell (S.D. Deacon Corp) and Brian Yori (LAPD / TRAP), making a return after a lengthy deployment in Kosovo.

Bud announced that Past President Marianne Finney was also selling "leftover" 2006 WSATI Seminar shirts if anyone was interested in purchasing them at a discounted rate.

Bud then introduced the guest speaker, DMV Supervising Investigator Randy Vera.  Randy gave a presentation on how to read DMV paperwork to assist in investigations.

Bud then called the Construction Industry's Crime Prevention Program of Southern California's Executive Director Earl Gunnerson up to the podium.  Earl then explained the "Hooter's Hummer" Award's background and the case that was conducted by the late CHP Inland Investigator John Hootman.  Earl then explained the case that won the 2006 "Hooter's Hummer" Award.  He then called CHP Southern Division Investigator Richard Cheever and LAPD BAD CATS Detective Lou Koven to the podium where Earl presented each of them with their winning plaques.   They were accompanied by their supervisors, CHP Sergeant Javier Dominguez and LAPD Lieutenant Joe Freia.  CPP can be reached at 800 432-7257 X823 or http://www.crimepreventionprogram.com/.

2005 CPP of Southern California Hooter's Hummer Award

Bud asked if there were any nominations for 2007 Southern Chapter Sergeant-At-Arms from the members in attendance.  Past President Gary Labb nominated Dave Petrelli.  Bud asked if there were any seconds to the nomination and there was.  Treasurer Jim Williams nominated Cesar Ramirez.  Bud asked if there were any seconds to the nomination and there was.  Bud took a "straw vote" between Dave and Cesar.  Bud explained that it will be up to the current Chapter Officers to determine who will fill the 2007 Sergeant-at-Arms position and will use the advisory vote between Dave and Cesar.  Bud then advised the members that the rest of the Chapter Officers will move up one position in 2007. 

Bud announced that lunch was ready and invited those attending to get in line to get their bar-b-q and then to find seats at available tables. 

The attendees were then served a Santa Maria style barbecue held just outside the auditorium.  The barbecue was put together by our own Southern Chapter Secretary Rick Greenwood.  Barbecued tri-tip, chicken, baked beans, rolls, two salads and dessert were on Rick's menu.  If you went away hungry it's your own fault!  Rick did a fine job of preparing the barbecue lunch. 

Southern Chapter Secretary Rick Greenwood aka 'The Cook'

Following lunch, Bud Hood presided over the WSATI raffle.  Earl Gunnerson presided over the CPP raffle.

Following the raffle, Bud invited LoJack Law Enforcement Liaisons Ira Beaty and Tim Whisenhunt to come up to the podium.  Ira explained the new handheld tracking device that was provided to the Law Enforcement Liaisons while Tim demonstrated the new device.  Ira made it clear that LoJack would like the Law Enforcement Liaison personnel called out if law enforcement tracks a LoJack signal to a location but can not determine an exact location.  The use of the handheld tracking device should be able to determine an exact location. 

Bud announced that the next meeting would be on January 18, 2007 at the Riverside PD Community Station (additional information will be posted later). 

The meeting was adjourned.

After the meeting, people interested in helping put together the 2007 WSATI Training Seminar got together to discuss committees and what was needed.  Attending the meeting were Bud Hood, Kimberly Baker, Rich Greenwood, John Bartolone, Jim Williams, Marianne Finney, Dave Petrelli, Vic Johnston, Mark Stowell, and Gary Labb.  We are seeking more people to be involved in all aspects of the Seminar.  Some of the committees are Training and Educational Committee; Publicity, Marketing, and Public Relations Committee; Finance Committee; Exhibits Committee; Registration Committee; and Local Entertainment, Amusement, Sightseeing, and Companion Program Committee.  If someone wants to help put together a golf tournament in conjunction with the Seminar, we would like to have you involved.  All these committees can use additional people.  If you have an interest, please contact Bud.  The next scheduled Seminar planning meeting will be on Thursday, December 21, 2006. Rich Greenwood suggested that we have a "logo" contest to determine the logo to be used on the polo shirts for the 2007 WSATI Training Seminar.  The "winner" of the contest will receive a free registration for the Seminar ($175 value).  Rich can be contacted at .


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