Past Presidents of the Southern Chapter have been John Garrick Dick Holder Frank Estes Matt Peters George Hees Bob Wire Chuck Hollingsworth Thomas Edmonds Arnold Appleman Tom Hoyt George Moeller Don Bricker Gene Meregillano Bill Elliott Robin Riree Charles Broneau Dennis Howe Ron Carnevale Emile Maassen Bob Rye Joan Pitts Bill Robertson Levon Matson Dan Ryan Skip Davidson Ted Saraf Marianne Finney John Toland Terry Cramer Carol VanNatter Dennis Frias Dave Dempsey Randy Ballin Gary Labb Bill Lovold Lou Koven Dave Randolph Phil Macklin Frank Graber Steve Torres Bud Hood Rick Greenwood Jim Williams John Bartolone Dave Petrelli Tim Glover Rob Manning Tim Jackson Aristeed Powell Brian Yori Heather Roberts Jeff Enfield Mick O'Neill Johnny Miyasaki
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The following photos are of 1971 Past President Bob Wire.  In the top photo, he is the third person from the left.  In the bottom photo he is the person on the far right.  Photos courtesy of Bob's widow, Betty Wire.

We are trying to identify the other Southern Chapter members in the photos with Bob.   For larger photos, please click on the link below the photo. 

Thanks to all of you who have contributed information (Eddie Clair, Bill Elliott, Bob Hart, Joan Pitts, Bill Robertson, Ken Slee, Kevin Vidal) since the request went out to help identify the members.

If you can help us, please forward any information to the Webmaster.

L-R: George Hees (1970), ?, Bob Wire (1971), Chuck Hollingsworth (1972), ?, ?
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L-R: Arnie Appleman (1974), Tom Edmunds (1973), Chuck Hollingsworth (1972), Bob Wire (1971)

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