September 19, 2002 - The Reef Restaurant - Long Beach

2002 President Lou Koven (LAPD BAD CATS) started the meeting by welcoming everyone to the Reef Restaurant

Lou then had retired AAA Insurance Manager David Locke lead all the members in the pledge of allegiance.

Lou then had the members in attendance do self introductions.  It was nice to see some old (member, not age) faces in the crowd like Frank Steffen, Dave Locke, and Past President Skip Davidson.  It was also nice to see some returning new members like David Araujo, Leslie Barrett, and Johnny Miyasaki.

Lou then introduced the 2002 WSATI Southern Chapter Officers, as well as current members of the Board of Directors, as well as Past Presidents attending.

Lou then thanked WSATI Webmaster Gary Labb for his continued efforts in keeping the website current, as well as sending out all the informative e-mails.

Lou then introduced the guest speaker, Ken Zion of Automotive Collision Consultants (562 424-3962), who spoke about how he assists law enforcement and insurance company special investigation units with insurance fraud, accident cause and analysis, VIN switching, consumer fraud, and other related issues.  Ken was able to show some of the many tools he uses in his investigations and then showed a Power Point presentation dealing with the different aspects of his investigations.

The members were then invited to partake in the luncheon provided by the Reef Restaurant.  There were no complaints as those in attendance were provided with a large portion of beef on their plates (no one was asking "Where's the beef?").

Lou then spoke of the upcoming 31st Annual WSATI Training Seminar to be held in Lake Tahoe, hosted by the Central Chapter, on September 29th to October 1st, 2002.

Lou then opened the microphone to audience members who wished to speak.

LoJack Law Enforcement Liaison Ted Saraf (213 286-2610) spoke about the current status of LoJack and requested Investigators to assist by giving credit to patrol officers who are making arrests and recoveries based on a LoJack activation.

Crime Prevention Program of Southern California Executive Director Diana Rummel (562 860-9006) spoke about the number of construction vehicles being stolen as well as handing out bulletins on some of the more recent thefts.  Diana also spoke about the "Hooter's Hummer" Award that will be presented at the November WSATI meeting in Burbank.  Applications are available from the Crime Prevention Program or on the WSATI web site (click here).

Lou then asked for any nominations for the Bent Screwdriver Award.   After several nominations were made (lacking any merit), Pat Such from Torrance PD was nominated by (his loyal partner) Torrance PD Investigator Gordon Smearer.  Pat became an unanimous winner of the award.  I know that Pat has been taking a lot of ribbing about this award, but take a good look at the past winners... there are some folks listed on that trophy that were very well respected auto theft guys and gals.

The raffle was then held.  Once again, many of the members coincidentally drew their own tickets or the tickets of friends sitting at the same table.  There were numerous items provided by LoJack, as well as the many prizes provided by WSATI.  Several items brought back from the IAATI Seminar in Albuquerque made their way to the raffle table.

The meeting was adjourned. 

Thank You to LoJack for supporting WSATI and providing raffle gifts.


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