September 20, 2003 - The Reef Restaurant - Long Beach

With 2003 WSATI Southern Chapter President Dave Randolph being a no show, 2003 WSATI Southern Chapter Vice President Phil Macklin (Allstate Insurance SIU) started the meeting by welcoming everyone to the Reef Restaurant

Phil then had Mark Stowell (National Insurance Crime Bureau) lead all the members in the pledge of allegiance.

Phil then introduced the 2003 WSATI Southern Chapter Officers; Frank Graber, Steve Torres, Bud Hood, and Legal Counsel Richard Knapp

Phil then had the members in attendance do self introductions.  It was nice to see  a lot of new faces from the insurance companies, Long Beach PD, and DMV.  There were some old (familiar faces) attending such as Dave Locke, Johnny Miyasaki, and Mike Bender.

Phil then introduced the WSATI Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance; Dave Dempsey, Dennis Frias, Lou Koven, Gary Labb, Ted Saraf, and Carol VanNatter.

Phil then introduced the guest speaker, Forrest Folck of Motor Vehicle Forensic Service.  Forrest gave a Power Point presentation regarding new trends he has seen regarding bypassing lock and ignition mechanisms.  He also gave a hands on demonstration of some forced entry tools.  Forrest can be reached at (619) 286-7939. 

Phil then introduced the next guest speaker, Insurance Company Attorney Richard O. Knapp (Knapp & Spurlock, LLP) who spoke about how law enforcement and the insurance industry can work together without violating any confidentiality requirements.  Richard can be reached at (714) 754-1100.

Phil then opened the floor for discussion.  Ted Saraf of LoJack advised that the number of chop shops or "rings" in the Southern California area was approaching 200.  He said there would be special recognition for the agency and officers who came up with the big "200." 

Lou Koven, LAPD BAD-CATS (now "Commercial Crimes"), spoke about a seminar taking place December 3rd-5th, 2003 in Pearl, Mississippi.  The seminar deals with "Hidden Compartment and Criminal Apprehension."  For additional information contact Robert Hancock (601) 863-3206 rmhancock@aol.com, John Johnson (601) 540-5943 jjohnson@cityofpearl.com, or the Pearl Police Department.

The members were then invited to enjoy the luncheon provided by the Reef Restaurant.

Following the luncheon, Phil then asked for any nominations for the Bent Screwdriver Award.   The most recent winner (May 2003), 2003 WSATI Southern Chapter President Dave Randolph, was again declared the winner.  It was also suggested that the award be renamed the Randolph

The raffle was then held.  There was some controversy as several of the members managed to draw their own tickets, but alas, the Bent Screwdriver Award had already been put to rest...

The meeting was adjourned. 

Following the meeting, there were two demonstrations; one by Jerry Anderson of U-Trakonline http://www.utrakonline.com (888) 580-1058 of a new tracking system and another by Mike Bender of Bender Enterprises (888) 724-2597 http://www.vintrack.com of new equipment to assist in identifying vehicles.


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