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September 20, 2012 - Carmax Auto SuperStore - Inglewood

2012 WSATI Southern Chapter President Tim Glover (LASD TRAP) welcomed everyone to the meeting and to the newest WSATI Southern Chapter venue, the Carmax Auto SuperStore.  Tim asked everyone to join him in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tim requested that the attendees do self-introductions to assist with possible networking.  He also requested that any attendees bring up cases of interest to the group.

WSATI 2000 Past President / Current Webmaster Gary Labb (Santa Ana PD / OCATT - Retired) advised the attendees of the importance of filling in the sign-in forms as they are transferred to the online encrypted roster on the website.  Gary then gave the attendees the password to access the encrypted roster.  Gary said that the roster was a great networking tool.

Tim spoke about the upcoming WSATI Training Seminar taking place in South Lake Tahoe on October 2-4, 2012 that is being hosted by the WSATI Northern Chapter.

Tim then spoke about several of the WSATI meeting attendees being involved in a presentation on Tuesday night (September 18, 2012) at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.  Past WSATI Southern Chapter Presidents and panelists Ted Saraf (LoJack), Dennis Frias (OCRA / VINMonitor), and Gary Labb (Santa Ana PD / OCATT - Retired) spoke briefly about Hagerty Insurance and the Petersen Automotive Museum putting on a panel discussion on Stolen Classic Car theft for the Checkered Flag 200 Foundation.  About 150 attendees took advantage of the program that was seen by Hagerty Insurance as a success.  Other WSATI members who participated were Phillip Arriaga (Beverly Hills PD), Lou Koven (NICB), Mick O'Neill (Hagerty Insurance SIU), Harold Taylor (CHP FEAR), John Thorne (LASD / TRAP), and Brian Yori (LASD / TRAP).

Tim then introduced Eric Chase, Regional Loss Prevention Director of CarMax, who oversees the CarMax facilities in L.A., Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino Counties, as well as Las Vegas.  Eric said that they will soon also have a SuperStore in Ventura County.  Eric gave the attendees an idea of the problems that CarMax was seeing in regards to fraud and theft from their facilities.  Eric let the attendees know what type of information CarMax could provide to assist in the investigation of cases.  CarMax may be taking a unique first step in assisting law enforcement.  On one of the CarMax cases, an arrest warrant was obtained by law enforcement, however there was no extradition included because of budget restraints.  CarMax stepped up and guaranteed they would pay for the extraditon if the suspect was located.  When the suspect was located, CarMax paid for the law enforcement personnel to go pick up the suspect, and the suspect to be returned to California.

The guest speaker was Detective Rick Edmonson, California Department of Insurance, assigned to L.A. TRAP, who gave a presentation on the current efforts of DOI related to Auto Insurance Fraud and arsons, and how it might relate in auto theft investigations.

Following Rick's presentation, Tim gave the attendees the opportunity to network with other attendees before having the raffle.  WSATI Southern Chapter President Tim Glover (LASD / TRAP) then conducted the raffle.  There were a lot of great raffle prizes.  Victor Valdez (AAA Southern California) and Aristeed Powell (DMV Investigations), assisted Tim with the raffle.  Again, it appeared that those who bought extra raffle tickets did the best.  It appears that Skip Davidson and Joe Thrasher bought the most raffle tickets and walked off with the most prizes.  I think the lesson was learned about buying more tickets when they are offered.

A reminder about WSATI Southern Chapter shirts.   To see some of the available shirts, please go to WSATIWear.  Please contact Rob Manning at his listed email address for current pricing on the shirts. 

Following the raffle, Tim announced that the luncheon was available.  While the training was taking place, the Santa Maria Barbecue Style Lunch was being prepared by Sergeant at Arms Brian Yori (LAPD/TRAP), with the assistance of Associate Director Shawn Robison (Workmen's Auto Insurance SIU), and Past President Dave Petrelli (Workmen's Auto Insurance SIU). Tim invited the attendees to help themselves to the tri-tip, chicken, hot links, salad, potato salad, and beans.  Everyone appeared to enjoy and some took a trip back for seconds....  A big thank you to Brian, Shawn, and Dave for preparing the lunch in the heat of the day.

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Following lunch, the meeting was adjourned by Tim Glover.  The next meeting will be on Thursday, November 15, 2012.

There were some new faces that came to the meeting as well as several "old" members who had not been to the meetings in some time.  This meeting drew people from as far as Ventura, San Diego, and Riverside, and San Bernardino.

2012 WSATI Southern Chapter Officers in attendance were:

President Tim Glover (LASD/TRAP)
Treasurer Aristeed Powell (DMV Investigations)
Sergeant-At-Arms Brian Yori (LAPD/TRAP)
Associate Director Shawn Robison (Workmen's Auto Insurance)
Past President Dave Petrelli (Workmen's Auto Insurance SIU)

Vice President Rob Manning (LASD), Secretary Tim Jackson (AAA Southern California SIU), Associate Director Heather Roberts (Infinity Insurance SIU), and Legal Counsel Richard Knapp (Knapp Law Firm, LLP) could not attend the meeting.

WSATI Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance were: Ted Saraf (1992), Dennis Frias (1997), Gary Labb (2000), Bill Lovold (2001), and Dave Petrelli (2011).


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