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September 21, 2017 - Ontario Police Department - Ontario


2017 WSATI Southern Chapter President Heather Roberts (Liberty Mutual SIU) welcomed everyone to the meeting at the Ontario Police Department. 

Heather lead the attendees in the pledge of allegiance. 

Other Southern Chapter Officers who were in attendance:

Vice President Jeff Enfield (LASD/TRAP)
Secretary Mick O'Neill (Hagerty Insurance SIU)
Treasurer Mike Stefanoff (CHP/OCATT)
Sergeant at Arms Johnny Miyasaki (Long Beach Police)
Associate Director Rob Midzuno (Nationwide Insurance SIU)
Associate Director Alan Skobin (LASD/TRAP)
Associate Director Melissa Somers (CPP of SoCal)
Legal Counsel Richard Knapp (Knapp & Spurlock, LLP) 

WSATI Southern Chapter Past Presidents in attendance were introduced:

Skip Davidson (1991), Ted Saraf (1992), Gary Labb (2000), and Tim Jackson (2014)

Heather then introduced WSATI Secretary Mick O'Neill, Hagerty Insurance SIU, to introduce the Guest Speaker.  Mick introduced Guest Speaker Richard Warren, Eye in the Sky Aerial Photography, who gave a presentation on the use of Drones for Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Fire Protection, and Motion Picture Industry.  Following this, a question / answer period was held.  Richard then took the attendees outside and gave a practical application presentation using two drones. For photos from Richard's Drone Demonstration, please click here. For a video from the drone taken during the demonstration, please click here.

Logo  2007 - 2014 WSATI Southern Chapter

Following Richard's presentation, Heather had the attendees do self introductions.  Heather spoke about the upcoming WSATI Training Seminar in Lake Tahoe, October 1-4, 2017, hosted by the Central Chapter.  Webmaster Gary Labb (Santa Ana Police / OCATT [Retired]) spoke about the networking encrypted roster available to the attendees via the WSATI website.  Gary gave the password to the attendees.

Following the self introductions, Heather announced that the Santa Maria Style Bar-B-Que was ready for everyone to enjoy.  Everyone helped themselves to the tri-tip, chicken, hot links, salad, potato salad, beans, rolls, and cookies.  Everyone appeared to enjoy and some took a trip back for seconds....  A big thank you to the "Iron Chefs," Johnny Miyasaki, Jeff Enfield, and Richard Knapp for helping to prepare the meal. 

Following the luncheon, the raffle was conducted by Mick O'Neill, Melissa Somers, and Richard Knapp.  The raffle helps raise money for WSATI funds that assist in putting on future seminars, as well as supporting events such as the San Diego and Orange County ATAC Vehicle Theft Recovery Officer of the Year programs. 

There were several new faces that came to the meeting, as well as several "old" members who had not been to the meetings in some time.  Thank you all for your attendance.

Heather announced the next meeting / luncheon would be held on November 16, 2017.  She said that the location had yet to be confirmed.   She said that Richard Knapp would be giving a presentation.  She asked the attendees to check back on the website for further information once the location was confirmed.

The meeting was adjourned. 


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