As stated by former San Francisco Police Inspector Dave Roccaforte, now a NICB Special Agent:

"Al was a long time Auto Theft Investigator with the San Francisco Police Department, a member of WSATI (he may even have been around at the very beginning) and IAATI. 

He was the inspector (detective) who reviewed and presented my very first vehicle theft arrest back in 1971.  We hit it off then and he taught me all of the basics and most of the advanced stuff (probably because I kept bugging him to learn more and more).  He was one of the old school investigators, not afraid to get in there and get his hands dirty to do an identification or to work a case.  At the same time, he was very unassuming and quiet in his ways, but a deadly foe to the bad guys.

Al passed away back in 1988.  He took the train to work every morning.  One morning, he had a severe stroke while on the train and never came out of the coma.

To this day, when I am successful in a case involving a VIN-switch or difficult identification, I think of him and am glad for all that he taught me. I considered it an overwhelming honor when WSATI presented me with the 1991 Al Weatherman Award."

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From: Northern WSATI <northern.wsati@gmail.com>
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2016 6:24 PM
Subject: 2016 Al Weatherman Award Recipient

We are seeking for any nominations for the Al Weatherman Award. This nomination can be for either a law enforcement officer or an insurance investigator who is a member in good standing of the Western States Auto Theft Investigators Northern Chapter.  The award will be presented at this year's conference in San Diego, CA.  Please submit any nomination in writing via email to Dennis Gallagher at dgallagher.wsati@gmail.com by September 23, 2016.   The WSATI Northern Chapter Board of Directors will select the recipient from the nominations received. 

Additionally, the past recipients list of the Al Weatherman Award has been listed below for your viewing. 

The nominees should exhibit those characteristics of enthusiasm, tenaciousness, patience, and organization portrayed by Al Weatherman.  Any questions contact northern.wsati@gmail.com.

2013 Investigator Kelly Lindholm California Highway Patrol
2012 Investigator Andy Cosgrove California Highway Patrol
2011 Lieutenant Chris Costigan California Highway Patrol
2010 Sergeant Jim Alexander California Highway Patrol (ACRATT)
2010 DDA James JC Weydert  San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office
2009 Tina Johnson California State Automobile Association SIU
2009 Connie Weiman Delta Regional Auto Theft TaskForce (RATT)
2008 Anthony "Tony" Corroo California State Automobile Association SIU
2007 Steve Temple California Highway Patrol
2006 Cliff Gray Hertz Corporation
2006 Greg Williams California Highway Patrol
2005 Dave Prescott California State Automobile Association SIU
2004 Ken Hutchison National Insurance Crime Bureau
2003 John Furrow Zurich Insurance
2002 James Lamberto California State Automobile Association SIU
2001 Mike Miller National Insurance Crime Bureau
2000 Len Silva California Highway Patrol
1999 Steve Kowalewski California Highway Patrol
1998 Gary Gray Richmond Police Department
1997 Dennis Kalis California Highway Patrol
1991 Dave Roccaforte San Francisco Police

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From: Blake Schnabel <BSchnabel@chp.ca.gov>
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 2:57 PM
Subject: 2013 Al Weatherman Award Recipient

Hi Gary, 

Attached is a photo from our last WSATI Northern Chapter Meeting on January 16th.

Kelly Lindholm was awarded the 2013 Al Weatherman Award.  Pictured with her is Jay Bobrowsky, last year's President.  Kelly was assigned to CHP's Coastal Division Auto Theft Unit in 2005.  She currently works the Santa Cruz and Monterey areas as an auto theft investigator.

Attached was the nomination sent to us by her sergeant, Ethan Jackson if you need more information.

2013 Al Weatherman Award Recipient
Kelly Lindholm

Jay Bobrowsky                Kelly Lindholm
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Subject: 2010 Al Weatherman Award
From: Don Farnham <DFARNHAM@nicb.org>
Date: Mon, February 14, 2011 10:12 am


Here are the Northern Chapter Al Weatherman Award Winners for 2010. They are from left to right
Sgt. Jim Alexander of the CHP Alameda County Regional Auto Theft Taskforce (ACRATT), 2011 Northern Chapter President Jennifer Barela presenter, San Joaquin County  DDA James JC Weydert

If we have room in our part of the web could you please display.


Don Farnham
Special Agent
NICB, Area 3

2010 Al Weatherman Award Recipient
Jim Alexander and J.C. Weydert

Jim Alexander          Jennifer Barela           J.C. Weydert
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Subject: Al Weatherman Award


Here are the Al Weatherman award winners for 2009.  The vote by the board was so close we decided to give 2 rather than 1; Past President Tina Johnson of CSAA for the excellent job done on the 2009 conference and Connie Weiman of the CHP Delta RATT Taskforce for nearly 30 years working for LE in different capacities. She is retiring this year and has been the only office staff Delta RATT has ever had.

Don Farnham
Special Agent Area 3

2009 Al Weatherman Award Recipients
Tina Johnson and Connie Weiman

Northern Chapter President Don Farnham with 2009 Al Weatherman Award Recipient Tina JohnsonNorthern Chapter President Don Farnham with 2009 Al Weatherman Award Recipient Connie Weiman

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Subject: 2008 Al Weatherman Award Northern Chapter
From: Don Farnham <DFARNHAM@wsati.org>
Date: Thu, January 29, 2009 2:55 pm


Here is the 2008 award winner Tony Corroo of CSAA and this year's President Tina Johnson presenting at the January meeting on 1/22/2009. I also attached the nomination.

Don Farnham
Special Agent Area 3

2008 Al Weatherman Award Nomination
Anthony Tony Corroo

I nominate for this years Al Weatherman award CSAA SIU Specialist Tony Corroo. Tony has had a long and distinguished career with CSAA. In the past 35 years he has progressed through the ranks and is currently an analyst and SIU Specialist. He has been a long time member and staunch supporter of WSATI in both the Central and Northern Chapter. He is a member of both chapters and is a Past President of the Central Chapter. He has unselfishly given of his time and resources in the planning, preparation, and execution of the annual training conferences for both Northern and Central WSATI Chapters. He has been the Go to Guy for assistance in both WSATI and matters as a liaison between CSAA, NICB, and law enforcement. He has obtained bait vehicles from CSAA salvage for programs run by NICB used by law enforcement which have been extremely successful and productive. He has obtained identifiable component parts from CSAA salvage to be used in law enforcement stings on short notice which have also produced arrests and recoveries. Although he has not directly arrested these perpetrators his support has surely made their arrests and prosecution possible. His exceptional contribution to the fight against auto theft and auto insurance fraud is a reflection of his professionalism, leadership, and tenacious work ethic. He embodies the spirit, meaning, and purpose of the Al Weatherman Award.

Northern Chapter President Tina Johnson with 2008 Al Weatherman Award Recipient Tony Corroo
Tina Johnson             Tony Corroo
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