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Special Update Message 
from WSATI Southern Chapter President Dave Petrelli
Dated September 19, 2011

To All WSATI Members:

We had a meeting of the Southern Chapter Board of Directors immediately following our September 15 training meeting at the Mercedes training facility in the Inland Empire.  There are several topics in particular that I wanted to pass along to you as a result of that meeting.


As you know,  the annual WSATI training seminar initially planned by the Central Chapter was recently canceled.   In an effort to continue with some training , we recently explored the possibility of providing an Auto Theft Training Track in conjunction with the upcoming seminar being presented by the California Conference of Arson Investigators.   They graciously embraced the idea and we began to move forward with it. 

The CCAI training is scheduled for early November in San Luis Obispo.   After exploring the possibilities, contacting potential instructors, etc.  it was decided that we would not move forward with this idea at least at this juncture.   It is simply too close to the seminar date for us to expect sufficient attendance.   We want to extend our thanks to Rick Price and Tom Fee who are on the CCAI Training committee as well as the board and members for their assistance and acceptance of the joint training concept.   They have extended an open invitation for us to pursue joint training in the future and we may consider this as we move forward.

The board of directors of the WSATI Southern Chapter  has decided to pursue a short one or two day training event and we tentatively plan on presenting it after the start of the new year.  We will finalize our plans and advise everyone via this website so that enough lead time will allow for schedule changes, etc.    We feel that given the time constraints, this will be a better option and will be something that can be attended by more of our members.    Keep an eye on the website for future announcements. 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED -  2013 Seminar 

As you know,  the Annual WSATI Training seminar rotates between the three California Chapters.  As such,  the Southern Chapter will be handling the 2013 seminar.  These events take a great deal of planning and effort.   To be successful, it requires not only the board of directors but many volunteers.   In order to get a head start on the seminar, we are beginning to assemble a list of volunteers to work on the various committees and tasks that will be assigned.  If you are interested in Volunteering, please contact current WSATI Secretary Rob Manning at rmanning@wsati.org and give him your contact information.  Your participation and assistance is appreciated!


The upcoming November meeting will include the election of the new board of directors for 2012.   If you are interested in serving, or wish to nominate someone, we will need to hear from you.  You can either send nominations to eboard@wsati.org, or nominate someone at the November meeting.     The Sergeant at Arms position will be vacant once again. 


If you have been involved with  WSATI for any length of time, you know that we have no annual dues.  Our revenue is derived solely from fees charged for our training seminars, seminar sponsors and from our training meetings.   If you have been attending the training meetings, you know that the cost to attend, including lunch has been $20.00 for many years.   For the $20 fee, we provide solid training,  some door prizes, and a lunch either prepared by WSATI board members and volunteers or from one of the training venues we utilize. 

For the past year or so we have found that the prices have increased at virtually all of the meeting facilities that provide lunch.   We are also experiencing price increases for the food, ice, soda, etc. we buy when we prepare our own BBQ.   We have also found that basically everyone that comes to the meetings stays for lunch.   While we are interested in keeping costs down for our members, we want to be certain we are able to continue and that WSATI remains solvent .  Consequently,  we have made the decision to increase the WSATI meeting dues to $25.00 effective January 2012. 

Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the current Board members and Past President John Bartolone who assumed to role of BBQ chef.  In particular, I'd like to thank Rob Manning, Tim Glover, Tim Jackson and our Two speakers,  Richard Knapp of Knapp and Spurlock,  and Rick Greenwood, (Riverside PD Retired) - Vice President, IAATI.    All these folks as well as others who readily pitch in, helped to make the September meeting one of the best in recent memory.  Thanks also to Victor Valdez of AAA SIU and Shawn Robison of Workmen's Auto Insurance for help with set up, door prizes, etc.    I'd also like to thank  webmaster Gary Labb for his continuing contributions in providing excellent photographic coverage of all our events and for creating and maintaining our web site. 

See you at the upcoming AATIA seminar in October and at the November WSATI Training Meeting!

Dave Petrelli
President - 2011 WSATI Southern Chapter

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WSATI Southern Chapter Newsletter

The Southern Chapter publishes a newsletter of the minutes and activities of the previous WSATI Training Seminar/Luncheon.  For many years, Marianne Finney of State Farm Insurance sent out the "snail mail" version of the WSATI Newsletter, with State Farm Insurance absorbing the costs.  Starting in 1999, Carol VanNatter of the Automobile Club (AAA) of Southern California, began sending out a "snail mail" mailing to those on the mailing list.

In the past, an e-mail version was sent to people requesting the newsletter via e-mail.  With the advent of the web page version of the newsletter, it is now available on the web page.  Below is a direct link to read the newsletter from the past meeting.  Confidential information will not be on the "web" version of the newsletter. You will have to contact the speaker or conveyer of that information directly.  Reminders of meetings, as well as any information which needs to be given to the membership as soon as possible, will continue to be disseminated via e-mail.

If you wish to be placed on the e-mail list, please Click Here


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www.wsati.org, MicroManiac, and GoDaddy

I acquired the domain name www.wsati.org in August 1999.  This will allow everyone to quickly access the WSATI Web Page, rather than go through my own personal web page.

Effective Saturday, October 30th, 1999, the domain name for the Western States Auto Theft Investigators Association, Southern Chapter, changed to the new domain name www.wsati.org.

MicroManiac, an established webmaster and server provider, generously offered us space and the use of their server.  MicroManiac provided us services for over fifteen years and I want to thank MicroManiac for all they did to assist with the growth of www.wsati.org into what it is today.

On April 2, 2015, due to the increased growth of www.wsati.org, I moved www.wsati.org from MicroManiac's "home" server over to GoDaddy's "business" servers.  We are now pleased to have the Web Pages of the Western States Auto Theft Investigators Association, Southern Chapter, on GoDaddy's servers.

I hope that this upgrade will make it easier and quicker for everyone to access the WSATI Web Pages.  I welcome any comments that will help to make the Web Pages more useful for you.

Gary Labb, Webmaster

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